wings of rask, page 200 (a/b)

kalliikak on Dec. 3, 2012

so, i got two panels done this time (well, three, technically <.<) i don't see any reason to keep a backlog at the moment. heh. trying to update every other day. and trying to still treat each panel like a standalone piece of art. not sure if the second bit is quite up to par (i cut corners here and there i think.)
also… when i started this comic, back in 2003, seems like the average screen resolution was still 1024x780 or lower. and most people still had dial-up or slowish cable (by today's standards)… so i went with a 750 width resolution. which kinda looks small on my monitors now. lol. i was thinking to start a mirror on comicfury… if i do, maybe i'll go back through and post everything at a higher resolution. we'll see.
thanks for visiting :)