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The Warp Zone

This is the zone where CC will post news/excuses for late updates/proposed ideas to run past you guys.


BPB Discussion Zone

Discuss stuff to do with BPB; what you like or don\'t like, what you\'d like to see, proposed arcs etc. Or you can just boost the author\'s ego!


Chaos Comics Discussion Zone

Read any others of CC\'s comics? Let him know! Love them, hate them, but let him know and what needs improving.


TV / Movie Zone

Talk about stuff you watch and read CC\'s film reviews.



Anything to do with Webcomics other than the aforementioned ones, be they DD or be they otherwise, discussed in here - or you can plug your site if you want to be critiqued by CC & Havoc


Games & Spam Zone

\\exactly what it says on the tin.


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