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Elf and Dwarf raised from the dead at long last.

This is comic is a spin off of my first comic (C-townstrips), which I ran from 2006-2007. I did five elf and dwarf strips in total, although one had just the dwarf, and the final one I've used as page zero on this site. A little over a year ago I drew ten new strips, and a group shot for my original homepage, and launched the spin off comic. Unfortuantly, I had a number of computer problems, and I ended up ending the comic early, moving on to other things, but finally I've come back to it.rnrnElf and Dwarf (and other characters) is a comedic, storyline three panel strip that will be updated 2-3 times a week. At the moment I'm still putting the site up, and getting everything the way I like it.


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