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TRINE: The Future Has Already Begun!

Just getting started here. This is my first online comic release, as well as my first-ever Blog. (yeah me!). TRINE is based on a ‘practice’ comic I drew back in 1983. My friend Dukester liked the main characters and the world they lived in, and so he started a sort-of sequel story, which I helped to co-produce. I am updating the lettering, as well as adding the Zip-A-Tone shading that was originally planned to be included before we took it to be published (which sadly never happened). But now, thanks to the internet and DrunkDuck, everyone will get a chance to read it. I will be releasing pages as I finish updating so watch for weekly up dates! And watch for other art and comics lost to the depths of time as they surface here for the (almost) very first time. lol.


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