toutorial goombas are ready ta rock

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boo rules

gotta love boo dontya think. go here to bow ask for auto graphs or ask him ta be youre bf come here boo is a regular here (use this to give tips to me or get tips peace)


tout goombas are here for action

the random dumbasses are here a lot to get auto graphs ask for gaming tips or just have random conversations with no real topic what so ever (this board can also be used as a spam bored)


the daily bubble

go here to ask cubey or bubble too give advice and comfert youre problems or with cubey to insult them(go here to tell things that you might need help with such as dieing pets scary dreams and other of the like)


the wtf brooms blog

here is were you go to help clean the commic with the broom(critisize my work bored basicly)


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