The Thief and the Light

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This forum is for introducing yourself, leaving comments about the Thief and the Light, suggestions and constructive criticism! Be kind I have a sensitive soul!


Histories and Things

This forum is where I will be posting about all the things that made this comic come to be. For instance the guy from the first page (he forgets to introduce himself, he's so happy to have company that he sometimes he forgets his manners, but his name is Fitz) a is very loosely based off the story the Prince Lutin. (which I read about here) Comments and suggestions and other resources are encouraged!! I have a set plan for the story but no definitive ideas of how to get to each point (it's part of the magic of writing :D ) so reader input is super welcome!  (you are a character in the story after all)


Com-icky Tips and THINGS

I found a lot of awesome resources and tips while starting out, and most certianly have more to learn (and share!) so discussions about comic making and the webz and zines and such shall go here. ENJOY!


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