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Trigomiro at 4:46PM, Aug. 23, 2006
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Ciao, everyone!
I'm new on this site, since our webcomics project has just come and I found this wonderful site thanks to a dear friend. I must say I now follow every week many of the comics I found online here, and I plan to follow many more (I just have not enoug time to explore everyone as I would like).
What to say about me? Well, I like to play music (I write soundtracks), I love planes (I work at my city airport), I love book (specially the funny ones) and I love movies. And here we are: I also work with friends and we make 1 movie every 2 years… we do it for fun, but our first 2 movies got both broadcasted by a local TV network in 2005. We plan a 3rd one (that will be surely the best one, since we learn from our mistakles) but meanwhile… we also decided to make a “webcomics version” of our silly movies and we put them online on our website: (if you're interested, simply go in the “webcomics” section and choose your preferred language).
Hope some of you may come and have a glance and maybe drop a little vote… ;-)
If you want to make a link exchange with us, just tell me! :-)
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