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Another noob
obiwan15 at 7:24AM, Oct. 17, 2006
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Hey all me and a few friends want to start a webcomic so while surfing the net I came across this site so I thought i'd introduce myself :)
Does anyone have any pointers for a webcomic noob ?
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kingofsnake at 12:08PM, Oct. 17, 2006
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Best advice I got is to plan ahead, and don't start updating until you have a backlog
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Eirikr at 2:52PM, Oct. 17, 2006
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Try on the art. If it's a sprite comic, don't just recolor something and call it original. People hate that.
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BigFishComic at 3:00PM, Oct. 17, 2006
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HAHAHAHA omgiownz3 ju n00b!!11

just kidding. WELCOME!
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Mimarin at 4:37PM, Oct. 17, 2006
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The best advice is to use origional content, make everything yourself, using work or content by other people is rubbish.
Of course you will. All intelligent beings dream. Nobody knows why.

Also, tell random people they are awsome! it helps!
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Adariel at 7:15PM, Oct. 17, 2006
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welcome to DD, id say to skim around the comics and find ones that you really like and try to use them as references on how you could improve(not copy thats totally different)
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xkyuketsuki at 10:49PM, Oct. 17, 2006
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soonmme at 11:17AM, Oct. 21, 2006
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listen to critisizm if you do that you should be fine
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