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Appreciating Drunkduck
Memmy at 12:08PM, April 11, 2008
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I'm not here because of a website. I'm here because of all awesome people who made this website come to life. It doesnt matter if I'm an invalid or not.
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shaneronzio at 12:34PM, April 11, 2008
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Drunk Duck is still the best online free web comic hosting site out there in my opinion…(Michael Jackson banner ads under my art and all.)
Platinum Studios has provided an awesome and free service.

In the past year I have only followed comics on Drunk Duck.
In part because I work on my own stuff so much and it is convenient to look around on the site before diving back into my own work load.
and also because …look around, you have the future of the entertainment industry all getting their start right here on this site…there is alot of Talent on this site.
Great stories, great artists.
And, for the Most part, the Duck is a reliable and functional site.
But I never put all of my eggs in one basket.
I back up everything…because you just never know.

Updates Monday, Wenzday & FRIDAY
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