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Artest looking for writer here.
David House at 9:23PM, Feb. 27, 2008
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Im just looking for a writer, all my storys end up… well not so well, but i can draw, I have a scanner and can draw and upload plus I can do digital art and i can color.

heres some examples.

Chat bubble and digital artwork example.¤t=testpage8.jpg

Color and also digital example (Diferent style.)¤t=pickme.jpg

And something else.

Art styles: Realism, manga, cartoonie (Like simpsons, also im not amazing at this, i just started it.)
Specalizes in: Warfare, Siege, Modern Warfare, Medieval, fantasy.
Name: David House
Age: 14
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Vakanai at 9:01AM, Feb. 28, 2008
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What kind of writer are you looking for? What story type do you want to do, serious or more comedic?
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SkylerVane at 1:33PM, Feb. 28, 2008
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I assume you want to do serious epic stuff.

I prefer a realistic style and anthro. If you can stand anthro, perhaps we can get together.

If you want a writer for your own materials, I am very picky but I will seriously consider anything you want.

I am promoting one project in its earliest stages which has medieval and futuristic battle elements galore, a sort of unique Star Wars deal, almost strictly anthro. You would have much freedom in most aspects of visual development, or I can work with you as closely as you need. You can hop onboard for a short-term or a long-term stint.

The ball is in your court…
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