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Artist Team Wanted for Banjo-Kazooie Comic
aitcheson at 5:21PM, Sept. 22, 2008
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Okay so some of you will know me as the writer of the Banjo-Kazooie Meets Donkey Kong 64 comic series posted at the RareWitchProject and a lot of you are wondering why it hasn’t been updated in forever!! Well ConkerTribe the wonderful artist who was illustrating it told me a while back that when school started up aging he wasn’t going to be able to work on it. So that’s why he has disappeared lately Anyway while I was writing the BK Meets DK64 series I realized there is just soooooo many stories I could make out of the BK series and now that schools started and it wont take up any of my time I decided to start another series based only on BK! So im looking for any artists with any talent to help out! The more people the better the comic! Just send me an email with a sample of you work to

We need people to
Draw (Most important haha)
and maybe
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