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Attention artists: Want to work with someone experienced?
ImagineTheEnding at 12:20PM, July 12, 2009
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Hello, my name is Heather N. I am the creator of Before I Sleep, a new comic recently released. I’m new to the comic industry, but I have managed to sell my comic at local comic shops. It is the second best selling indie comic in a small NY comic shop. Currently the comic is down for a bit of polishing, but if you want an example e-mail me so I can show you a few pages. Not only do I have experience in the comic industry, though, but I teach online classes. I know what I am doing and will be able to assist the collaborator if needed.

This is my website:
Or my DA account:

The story is called The ID and The Ego. It’s a graphic novel I hope to present to publishers. The comic is simple comic but has a lot of personality and laughs. A good example of the type of personality expressed is Lackadaisy or Pixar. Very animated.

I want us both to be attentive to the comic and both to share our creative views. I, in no fashion, am interested in commanding you and controlling your art drive. You are an artist and I want you to be comfortable and confident. Be sociable and be ready to communicate with me. Also, all that is required at first is to draw 5-10 pages (It changes based on publisher) of the comic. If no one is interested in publishing it, then you may back out of the project.

E-mail me with any questions and portfolios at I will not disclose information about the comic to the public, but you may e-mail me for any additional information.
I am not interested in paying someone to draw the comic. I am looking for a partnership and I feel that if I pay you myself, I will become your boss.
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