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Boig and Bitty by Josh Carrollhach
carrollhach at 2:19PM, Nov. 16, 2006
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Hey all, and howdy do!
I'm Josh Carrollhach, a cartoonist here in Iowa City who has been drunkenly ducking Clench & Cheese every weekday for 50 or so strips thusfar. Turns out I have tons and tons of old comics, some which have been published in long-dead zines and indy papers (but most of which haven't). If you're a regular reader of Clench & Cheese, you'll probably enjoy this latest one, BOIG and BITTY in “Carry On!”. There are a ton of Boig and Bitty comics out there, so this is just a tatse. I plan on putting up many, many more of these archived works, so keep checking in.
Thanks for the readership and all the great comments!
Josh Carrollhach
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subcultured at 8:46PM, Nov. 16, 2006
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welcome again!
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Tantz_Aerine at 8:26AM, Nov. 17, 2006
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Yay! Hello!
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