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maritalbliss at 9:37PM, April 15, 2007
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Hello everyone out there in Drunk Duck Land…I am Lynn (One of the creators of the comic strip, Marital Bliss???) Husband and I write it…He draws it and colors it…Mostly….Mostly…I shake a stick at coloring often, but it takes me 4EVAH! Anyway, I am the one in charge of “promotion.” We have been workin' our comic through MySpace, but we just aren't getting any real readers, so I thought I'd check this out…We can't afford to have “Marital Bliss–The Site.”

Husband is the manager of a horse-drawn carriage service in Downtown, Dallas. (Texas, for those who may not know.) and I am a retired (I use that term loosly, I actually quit and ain't never goin' back!)teacher, who is now a full-time writer (I also use that term loosly.) I am excited to see what kind of results and what kind of “fun” I can have here… I don't want to get yelled at for promoting my own site…So, I will just say if you likey–browse for us on MySpace. (There are many more comics there…Well, not many; but, a few.)

Anyhoooo, have a great night…(Or day if you are reading this during the day) Right now though, it is night and Adult Swim is calling.
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Hijuda at 5:11PM, April 16, 2007
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Yeah… I'm amazed you got any readers at all through MySpace. Don't worry, DD is pretty nice.
It's a comic!

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