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Calling ANY and ALL artists!
gliitch at 1:11PM, Feb. 5, 2010
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Alright here's the deal. I can draw…a little. It's fun BUT not as fun as writing and right now I have a very large piece of paper covering my wall filled with scraps and doodles for probably my biggest project yet.

It's got an ENTIRE eco-system, hundreds of landscapes and places, millions of races and characters and I just do NOT have the time or skill to draw it all.

So calling all artists of any style. 3D, characters only, paintings, sketches, landscaping ANYTHING that you think can help message me. I'll leave my messenger names so just add me with a little note telling me who you are.

I'm looking for some partners in crime that can help me really bring this world to life so I can get the best out of my writing.

Be warned. It's not all cute and fluffy.

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Kroatz at 4:00PM, Feb. 5, 2010
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Maybe post a little more about the project?
what it's about roughly, if you have scripts, define not cute and fluffy etc…

I'd like to help out, at least for a chapter or some backgrounds, but I don't know enough about it. if you pq me I'll respond, you can also send some info to or just post it here…

If you wan't to know what kind of style I'm best at you should check my comic No Heroes. I can do lines too though.
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gliitch at 3:46PM, Feb. 6, 2010
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Good point…much more depth needed. Hemenah.

On the truthful side this is a book not comic BUT I do intend to post it online with colourful pictures and pages. Like a picture book; just don't give it to kids.

Defining not cute and fluffy well there will be the following in there at least once:
more death
possible self-harm
little bit more death
which will probably be murder of some kind
the incredible bending of myth and legend to appease to my twisted little world; a new take on most mythology

And let's not forget a big ‘fuck you’ to every religion and god ever conceived of. Not a personal view. I just felt like it.

Thus inspired by two years of role playing and kicked into action when conspiring a Tomb Raider fanfiction and ranting about how pissed I was (SPOILER) Alister died and ways I could fix it without being corny. And the eco-system I've been building was given plot.

Oh right, plot. Beginning is scratchy since the eco-system came before the characters I intend to put in it.

Thirty-something guy/girl grew up part scientist part archeologist and everything else historical trying to prove that heaven/hell and therefore God exists and this whole science thing is just a big rouse to cover up the fact that he exists thus spreading the faith worldwide yatta yatta. That's backstory. Important for maybe a paragraph.

In the process they stumble upon entrance to the big freaking eco system that has managed to go undetected since the beginning of time and upon learning that heaven and hell exists here somewhere goes off in search and ends up having to sift through a billion years of politics history and scientific magic to find the meaning and beginning of life possibly accompanied by some person looking to find a dead person and some other person who wants to give god a slap in the face (or something along those lines, anything outside of the eco system is not yet clear…and at this rate the world is just going to be called eco-system) and anyhoo they venture into this big new world meeting many strange mythical people including new ones and MAJOR bastardisations of old ones and have to find a way to taverse through the entirety of the land unnoticed as ‘otherworlders’ in order to complete their search and find god who they discover along the way is real as well as any and every other god thought of, each powerful beings/characters who got bored and ‘found’ (were shown indescretely) this other world where they could smash and burn or create paradise and rule in whatever way they saw fit and as such the characters then have to find out what the hoo-haa is going on. Whether they get any closure I haven't decided yet. Of course there is a sequel. It'll have lots more death. And war. And racism.

Of course all this is only a basic outline. All I can say for sure is that for this you can draw pretty much anything and it'll have a place. Maybe not laser beams and cyber stuff…all though even then…maybe…

And eventually I might get it off the net and into a book and if I do I always pay my dues. There will be dedications, thanks and shares IF it gets that far. And because this is the ‘anything’ plot I'm open to suggestions too.
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