DarkChibiShadow interviews kali and confusedsoul of Angels of Shadows and others!
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Submitted for your enjoyment, Darkchibishadow interviews kali and confusedsoul!

So first of all, tell us a little about yourself.

Hello! My real names Rebecca, I‘m a 18 (closer to 19 now) English gal currently taking media, religion philosophy and ethics and biology courses, surrounded by a mini menagerie of pets (9 rabbits, a cat and a rat). I‘m also capable and experienced in minor veterinary work but am currently job hunting. I enjoy most manga books, animes, horror films and will one day obtain a pet wolf!

I'm 18, I'm studying for a foundation degree in art and design and am hoping to start an animation degree next year. I like films, anime, manga and (of course) comics. I assist in Kali's manga/fantasy comic Angels of Shadows.

What got you into making comics?

I guess it was after reading a lot of comics on drunk duck and being introduced to manga by Confusedsoul

What are some of your favourite comics on Drunk Duck, and why?

-Sword of Heaven- Effortlessly cool samurai action.
-Harkovast- beautiful colouring and an epic in the making.
-Ultimate X- Funny. Sick. random. All these and many, many more.

-Blade of Toshubi- Cat and mouse story (literally) with ninjas and samurai. It‘s brilliant, highly recommended.
-Legend of Setar- Anthro cats, Gods and Goddess, Holy Knights and the persecution of the use of magic. Also a highly recommended read!
-Necrolupus- This comic really deserves more readers, it‘s about the troubles a pack of ghost wolves face from humans and their own pack. I love wolves!
-Memories of Requiem- I‘m the only reader who comments! Why!? It‘s great! Magic, demons and an awesome demon slayer! What‘s not to like!?
-Fox Fire- Initially this comic appears to look like a woodcut, water-colour style and Japanese ink-illustration with other styles of art that appear later on, it‘s beautifully drawn and coloured. That’s all I know for the time being. I’m waiting for it to update.
-The Adventures of Super Maths Beaver- It’s funny, you should read if you don’t. Go there now! I command it!
-Demon Eater- Follow the life of the demon Saturno from it‘s birth to it‘s journey to the top of the food chain. It‘s a gripping read as the landscape itself tries to make a meal out of the other demons. The colouring style is very unique.
For other comic‘s see my profile

Are there any artist who considerable influenced your style?

Lee Myung-Jin and Matsuri Akino. I love their comic’s, I also have taken up studying various anime and manga now. I also am open to tutorials from comic artist here on the Duck and on DeviantArt.

My Angels of Shadows manga-esque style is an amalgam of techniques I've seen, but no one specific artist. I'm aiming to make it more precise and clean, like Takeshi Obata or Norihiro Yagi.

Most of your comics seem to be fantasy genre, is there any reason why? And are you looking into doing other genres?

I only have one comic that is a fantasy genre currently, The Grimm will be too but that‘s a work in progress. Crysis Point is Sci fi, woooooo! Kali‘s actually trying something new! I like aliens and monsters. They were my substitute for Disney films as a child.

A lot of your comics seem to have Anthro themes, any reason why?

I do one of my own, and assist on another. That's it. There isn't a real reason behind it. I like drawing foxes, Kali likes drawing wolves.

Angels of Shadows is the only comic that I actually participate in the has anthro‘s. Everyday life of Sho and Kye has stopped updating but I wasn‘t able to update as the author is no longer in contact. I will use anthros in The Grimm too. It seems apt.

Where do you get the inspiration for your comics?

An awful, AWFUL amount of Wiki research into mythology. The world itself is based on Norse, with Japanese, Egyptian and others thrown in the mix, although the over riding majority of creatures are original creations.

I beg to differ, I have a lot of books for reference and ideas. Mainly they‘re fantasy books so have I have an extensive source at home and the school library. Wikipedia, I find is often wrong or contradictory. Also drawing and designing new creatures is fun.

How did you and your assistant meet?

2142 AD, front line battle against and invading An'jral troop. She was my commanding officer and took a bullet to the face for me.
We're just old school friends.

Hmmmm? An’jral…. *makes note of name*

You seem to have 3 comics without pages, what are the plans for those?

Well Crysis Point, in a nutshell without letting loose any spoilers by telling the basics, humans have to find new place to live because they managed to destroy the Earth turning it in a global desert that now serves as a prison complex. Only now humans are at the bottom of the food politically and literally compared to other life forms. However humans being humans try to speed up evolution through genetic engineering only to make more error then success‘ on a major scale. The failures cause havoc through out the star systems and the successful test subjects begin to go missing from their homes in the appearance of the creatures only known as the Reapers.

Crysis Point Characters and Settings Concepts is just the portfolio for the Settings and Characters that will appear in Crysis Point.

The Grimm is based on a selection of Fairytales by Brothers Grimm but with a contemporary and macabre twist. Intentionally more than original stories.

What about plans for your current comics?

I should get the rest of chapter 3 finished.

The current story is still introducing characters so hopefully we should finish the introductions soon and move on to the action soon and main plot soon.

Lastly, is there anyone you would like to thank?

Kali for putting up with my mood swings.

My plot monkey Confusedsoul who has been a great help with the pages and her art skills. Supermathsbeaver with her willingness to help with the odd jobs, colouring occasionally and reading. Also the long standing readers (that comment, I can‘t name the ghost readers): Mutation, Toshubi, Harleydane999, Mushroomcomix, Akki333, mastergloyd and the newcomers Yuna and Mt1608! Also to all of the readers that read Angels of Shadows in the past and those that ghost read.

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Yet another great interview! I love seeing the synergy of these young teams as they make a series click. Make sure you check out their stuff!!!!
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