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Devil Squid
Vakanai at 8:42PM, March 8, 2009
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Devil Squid is the tale of a new hero taking on his first day, his first challenge. He has a unique set of powers and a strong sense of morals. He wants to be a hero, but he doesn't know what kind of sacrifice his new life will demand, or whether he is willing to go through with a life changing decision. Men with bullets, men with power, the corrupt and the innocent. Once he makes a choice, his life can never be the same.
Larry/Devil Squid - A superhero with squid powers and a luchadore's style. He is for the most part a normal guy with a normal life and a misguided sense of what it is he is about to undertake.
Erik - The younger brother. He idolizes his older brother, but is unaware of Larry's powers and plans. He begins to worry as he puts the pieces together.
Emilia - Larry's on again off again girlfriend. Nags him a lot via cell phone.
Grandma - Larry's grandmother and a hostage in his first adventure which will mark him for life. She loves him dearly and is a dear soul.
Red - The mastermind criminal pulling the strings behind the scenes. The puppetmaster.
Gero - The puppet. A soulless monster and a hurt man. He has his demons and blames God and everyone else and everything for what he has lost.
Juan - A henchman, a mook questioning his actions and the path he has taken and if it is too late to turn back. A heavy smoker.
The Humboldt Pig - The grocery store that serves as the scene of the action.
It is loosely connected to Hell in the Pipes. Though a shorter tale, I desire it to still be of good quality and shall do my best in crafting it's story. I need an artist willing to push themselves just a bit further.
Watch for the Devil Squid.
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