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Greetings, from the World Of... TOMORROW!
Onikage at 2:27PM, Dec. 14, 2009
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So, yeah. The handle is Onikage. I'm new, obviously. I joined mostly to read comics. I'd put out a comic myself, but my artistic abilities rank side-by-side with an epileptic monkey on crack.
I like writing (when the Muse visits), reading, video games, most types of music, and witty repartee. :nerd:
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Dave7 at 2:45PM, Dec. 14, 2009
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Hey, and welcome to The Duck. Nice to meet a fellow writer. And yeah, that Muse can be pretty fickle about showing up on time. 8D
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“That is not dead can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons death may die.”
~H.P. Lovecraft

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Erad at 3:17PM, Dec. 14, 2009
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Welcome to DD!

Hope you enjoy it here.

Don't worry about your artistic prowess, I once drew like an epileptic monkey on crack, but now I'm off the powder and draw simply like an epileptic monkey…and look how successful I am!!


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WiffleBall at 4:11PM, Dec. 14, 2009
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Welcome to DD.

I draw like a crack-addicted epileptic monkey as well, and I'm still modestly popular. I think you'd do fine should you decide to post some comics. :D
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shirkersama at 4:16PM, Dec. 14, 2009
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Welcom fellow writer who can't draw.
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