Group 9 - MadMindInk interviews Annie2495 of Stitches and In Empty Halls!
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This interview is of Annie2495, whose comics are: Stitches and In Empty Halls!
(interview conducted by MadMindInk!)

1.Hello. Tell me how you got interested/started in art.

Well, I consider myself to be a rather shy person, at least when I first meet people. I find art is a great way to express what is hard for me to say aloud. Many people have inspired me and aside from all that, I just find it's something that I really enjoy.

2.What drives you to do comics?

I always think of books and how I get an image in my head of the character. This is probably a main reason why I am always disappointed with Hollywood's take on some of my favorite novels. The freedom of showing the plot visually and also getting my constant thought down in a way that is not as difficult as writing.

3.What do you use to paint your comic? A bit about the process.

It's all done digitally. I use a drawing tablet and Corel Painter Essentials 4 as my main program. I usually start with a basic outline of what will happen on the page. Not anatomy, but a sort of ‘what goes where.’ Then I do line art, add lines for the panels, base color, shading, and lastly-text.

4.Very important: how do you write your story?

Like a script. I usually have a chapter planned out ahead. Of course, I know more of what is to come just not exactly word for word. Drawing characters and taking time also helps me to develop the plot.

5.What part of storytelling is the most important to you?

The characters and meaning. I really think that the characters should be loved. I'm not sure if I'm successful in this, but I try my best. They are what makes the story. Meaning as well because I believe the author should always have a purpose-I want the reader to get something out of it.

6.What did you read/was read to you when you were young and how did this influence your art?

I read a lot of Roald Dahl when I was little. He just knows how to make the book fun and have a whimsical quality. Of course I have more inspirations today, but some things have always stuck with me, I probably write fantasy today because of him.

7.Your top three fav books that influence and help you get inspired.

Wow, that's a tough one…I would have to go with To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman, and the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson. To Kill Mockingbird adds moral to my characters while Maximum Ride gives more Sci-fi and action to the story. Alice Hoffman is above all my favorite author. She helps me give a more realistic touch and I have also learned how to manage my themes and symbolism.

8.How did Stitches get started?

On a night of extreme art block actually. I was frustrated with my other comic because I had too many characters and hadn't planned far enough ahead. Tim Burton was a main influence and the idea of a ‘voodoo doll with feelings’ lead to that first drawing of Nora. It slowly developed from there.

9.Does the story or the characters come first?

Characters. They really do make the story because they each have their own that contributes to the main plot. Plus they inspire me to keep going with the comic.

10.How do you create your characters?

Most of them were really just doodles that I started drawing more and more and eventually gave a story. I thought of it in a technical way at first in that I need a protagonist, an antagonist, etc. But as I drew them more, I got to know them more.

11.What are your dreams for Stitches?

I really just hope that from it, I learn how to be a better artist and that I reach the end. Of course I really appreciate the support I get from my readers, but I try not to be too competitive when it comes to page views and such.

12.Is there anything you want to tell us about Stitches? I’m asking on the off chance you suddenly feel like reveling all, specifically something about an ending that will shock?

Ha ha, well, I don't want to give any spoilers, but realizing while scripting, the ending isn't all too shocking. There are about three surprises I've made, but with my luck, someone will guess them. Let's just say not all our characters have a happy ending.

13.Will Nora and Carter get a happy ending?

…Yes, as morbid as the comic seems, they do. They will have changed though-for the better? More or less. It's all in the choices they make.

14.And last but not least, I have to ask, what is 2495?

Ha ha, my birthday actually. February (second month) 4th, 1995. A lot of people seem to be surprised that I'm 14 for some reason. But stereotyping by age is silly, it’s only a number ^^. Thanks MadMindInk and all the kind people out there. :3

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Great interview. I've heard of the Maximum Ride series, but never read them. And yes the characters do make the story if done right!
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