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Guest Artist Needed For Upcoming Finale in Storyline
Nitro at 7:21PM, Feb. 14, 2006
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I was going to have a guest artist do “The Journey Home”. It's the finale of the D4K-epic Lord of the Sweaters. While my comics are mostly talk-heavy, the whole purpose of this issue was to do tell story through art, and not the convergence of art and text (like a normal comic book.) While there is still some dialouge, it is sparse throughout, and is 23 pages.

It is not restrictive in terms of format for a full page (meaning you can have as many panels as you can get into a page). I would need at least this thing being worked on and slowly handed in by the beginning of May or so. I might be able to squeeze some payment out or maybe buy two favorite (reasonably priced or 1 expensive) TV show on DVD for you and mail it to you, as a form of gratitude and payment, but besides that, I can't offer too much.

If you are interested, e-mail me and make sure you put in the subject like something about Dribble For Kids or D4K, as I need to check my filter for new people e-mailing me. Please note also, it is a 23 page comic or so, full page format. I can send you the size of the page to use as a template and any other information you may need.

To view the comic, go to or

Serious offers only, please.

My e-mail address is
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