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Hey you! With the drawing instrument!
DarknessLord at 12:15PM, March 6, 2007
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Ya'know how all the time you see topics popping up searching for comic artists? This is like one of those, but better. Okay it is one of those, but it is better! Okay fine, not that much better…

So. Anyways, we, (that's right, there's two people talking here!) are looking for a graphical script interpreter. Since we rather doubt that anyone would want to go by such a stupid title, artists will work fine.

“What wonderful thing would I be signing myself up for?” you ask? What? You didn't ask? Well for the sake of explaining things we are going to pretend you did, verbatim. Deal with it.

The comic in question is going to be a weekly, (possibly eventually becoming bi-weekly) anime-themed situational comedy with a continuing plot. (Don't worry it's NOT a fanfic!)
…Despite it fitting vaguely into the “sitcom” category you swear to you on the bones of our ancestors that it's magnificent. Really.

Also, other details… lessee…

Ah! That's right'since we have it planned out aways, in the beginning you won't have too much influence as far as plot goes in the beginning, but you, (should you become the artist of the comic), will get increasingly more say on such things as time goes on.
We promise.
You'll have rather more say when it comes to what things look like, (Because we're a li'l bit vague, and you are the artist, after all…).

What? You're still with us!? Great!

If you're at all interested, and would like to receive more information and/or try out for the position, please e-mail us at, PQ us, or post in the thread, (e-mail is highly preferred).
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Radec at 8:27AM, March 8, 2007
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If I wasn't so busy with my own pointless stuff, I'd look into this.
needless to say, you've perked my interest.
Maybe sometime I could lend a hand, but I doubt I could devote myself entirely to something like this.
(insert apologies here)
<= dead and buried.
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