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Howdy-doo, duck monkies.
El Bob at 10:36PM, April 19, 2007
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… Because I like the phrase “duck monkies,” okay?

I've actually been here about a month now, but I only just noticed this introduce yourself dealy, and I thought I'd give it a shot. Plus I figure if I have a stupid question to ask in the future, people prowling the “NEWBIE ALERT!!” forum will be able to help me out.

Sooo… lemme see. My name is Sage; yes it is my real name; I'm 19 (will be 20 at the end of May); I'm in my final semester-and-a-half of college for my Associates' of Art; I collect Spawn figurines and dragon paraphernalia; My favorite band is Blind Guardian; My favorite television show ever is “Gargoyles,” whose convention “The Gathering” I intend to make an annual vacation, starting this year.

That about covers the very basics, I think…. any questions?
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