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I need an artist for a yaoi manga
Daring D at 7:39AM, April 4, 2007
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I would prefer it if your style is at least slightly manga-ish, but if you draw well it's not required. Also, I would like if this comic could be updated on a regular basis (within reason, of course!). Maybe 2 or 3 days a week, although 1 day a week would work as well. Here's the basic storyline, although this might change somewhat as things go forward(FYI, this comic would take place in th US, some months after 9-11):

“Mike lives on his own after his family died in the WTC bombings, working as an assistent librarian at his small local library. His life is quiet and dismal, his sleep troubled by nightmares, and his social life is almost non-existant. That is, until he meets Greg.

Greg is from the west coast, and he's visiting his grandmother. Mike hates him immediately after Greg mistakes him for a girl. Greg, in turn, is fascinated by Mike, and tries to befriend him. This is their story, the story of how they became friends, and how that friendship blossomed into romance. It is also the story of how they dealt with the community, and how people finally came to accept them for themselves.”

If you're interested in doing the art for this comic, please email me, with a sample of your art if possible. My email is

I look forward to starting! I can't wait!

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