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If you were in charge
Aurora Moon at 7:49PM, May 20, 2007
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Atom Apple
I'd definitely try to make some reason in our court's punishments. We have a guy who got seven years for murder of a child and a guy who got 100 for armed robbery. Perfect sense.

yeah, the justice system definely got no logic to it.

Yeah, that's something else I should do too if I was ever in charge.
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Aussie_kid at 9:37PM, May 21, 2007
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-Rapists get castrated.

Good idea.

Also, victims of abuse should be allowed to have their attackers tied down so that the victims can let their attacker know exactly how they felt. The victims are given a night stick and freedom to do as they wish for five minutes (Except kill).

That's justice
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FoxmanZEO at 4:21PM, May 22, 2007
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Oh I forgot!

I'd bring back the EV-1, and charge everyone opposed with ‘planetary treason’!
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thehothead at 2:39PM, May 26, 2007
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-Remove the voting age (For all officials but myself, I'm permanent)
-Being able to vote will require an IQ of at least 90, and knowledge of current events and politics (BESIDES what the media say's.) It will also require knowledge of WHAT taxes pay for.
-Freedom of religion will be replaced with freedom FROM religion. Any publicly religious people will not be allowed to hold office.
-Life sentance will be replaced with death sentance (Seriously, if someone is just going to be in jail for the rest of their life, what do they have to do BESIDES escape?)
-Any countries that are pissed at us will be given a large bribe and told to go away.
-Murder is death sentance
-Rape is death sentance
-Child molestation of death sentance (Seriously, don't punish the mental condition that COULD cause it, pedophilia is just a mental condition, molestation is the crime.
-Any attempts at wars would have to properly demonstrate how they helped the nation, BESIDES resources. They would have to list military objectives, once these were done, we pull out.
-If someone is proven of a crime, they get a set sentance. If an exception should be made, it will be added as a law. (ie, Killing some is the death sentance, EXCEPT when it was an accident or in self defense in which case the perpetrater will be given counsiling.)
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TheTopHat at 9:11AM, May 27, 2007
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The victom get the say on what happens to the crimal.
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Red Slayer at 11:06AM, May 27, 2007
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I would end corruption.

The i would take all the money i can and leave for a neutral country.
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kyupol at 12:42PM, May 27, 2007
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Absolute equality under the law.

Abolishment of the KKKlan and harsher punishments for jaywalking, brawling, traffic jams, and cat abuse.
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Peter Melvin at 4:08PM, May 27, 2007
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Introduce the Ministry for Common Sense and Men with Big Sharp Pointy Sticks.

They would roam the land THRASHING everyone whose idiocy, ignorance and just plain lack of common sense made life that little more difficult for everyone else. That would make people think about their damn actions.

Of course they would spend most of their time just thrashing the British government so they might never get round to everyone else.

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LIZARD_B1TE at 4:36PM, May 27, 2007
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All Sinners would repent!
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Rusty Knight at 4:51PM, May 27, 2007
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I acutally laid claim to a country just under Uzbekistan bordering the Caspian Sea. I looked on the globe, and it wasn't labeled, but clearly bordered. So now it's mine.

WELL since you asked… here's how I would run MY country (once I get to it)

- Divided into States

-An elected leader for life, with an accompanying senate (not appointed by the elected leader but the people) to control him and vice versa.

- Cruel and Unsusual Punishment is perfectly legal. But Prisons must be inspected, and if whoever is in charge, says “That's too cruel” then they must change it.

- Death Penalties must be approved by the Elected Leader

- Drinking age, Gambling Age, Driving Age, Smoking Age etc, is ALWAYS 1 year below the lowest Military age. (think about that one.)

- Vigilante justice!

- Organized STATE police force, with a LOT less restrictions

- Torture is an acceptable form of punishment or Death Sentence. (Must be Approved)

- All races are equal (To avoid civil war or protest from the start)

- An Organized Highly trained Military that doesn't go around starting wars to boost their home land's economy

- No country wide Religon.

- Relgious Freedom for everyone one. This means one cannot sue another for being offended by their religon.

- All tresspassers may be shot with reasonable cause. If a reasonable cause is found, the property owner is free to go.

- And the most important “guide line”. If I start a war… you can garuntee I will be on the front lines fighting it.
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that kid yellow at 5:23PM, May 27, 2007
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if i were in charge i have jessica alba as my wife plus my girlfriend as my wife to.i would have chuck norris as my body guard.
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StaceyMontgomery at 9:49PM, May 27, 2007
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If i were in charge of America - I would reinstate Habeas Corpus and end the government's use of torture.

Im afraid Im very much out of step with most everyone else here on the proper treatment of criminals. But I prefer it when the government acts like it isn't too sure that it's right. Or righteous.

I would also make some changes to the way we do elections here - mostly, taking the elections out of the hands of the two parties.

Anyway, then I would step down and put the democracy back. After all - Democracy is the worst possible form of government - unless you've seen any of the others.
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Ludus Pragma at 12:51AM, May 29, 2007
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Ach.. If elected Mayor I would burn your city to the ground and kill the lot of ya

-Grounds Keeper Willy

But since I wouldn't get away with that, I think I would place caps on Election Spending and put serious limits on both hard and soft campaign contributions with all donations being a matter of public record.

An audit of all government programs by an outside agency to determine their effectiveness would be another good move.

A focus on education, health care and money towards research are cliche answers for a reason because they are good ideas.

I would like increase the number of legial immigrants to a point where the number coming in balances the population decline. Hireing an illegall immigrant would not be a crime but not paying them at least minimume wage would be.

Prostitution would be legalized and many drugs would be decriminalized with the money saved from enforcement going into treatment programes.
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kyupol at 9:20PM, June 14, 2007
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Lemme see…

As the President of the Philippines…

1)I will do a relentless propaganda campaign (TV ads, websites, newspaper ads, billboards, a van piping out propaganda, etc…) to instill nationalism and racial pride. Basically, to remove the negativity in the spirit of the people. Make the entire country feel good about themselves. Make the entire country feel superior to everyone in Asia and the world.

There is this bad habit in Filipino culture about thinking that Filipino made (everything from food to music to movies!!!) is inferior to the “imported”. Japan has progressed into the 2nd biggest economy even after getting hit by 2 nukes… South Korea has progressed even after going through 2 big wars… as well as Vietnam… And North Korea and Iran… even under alot of sanctions have managed to pull through hardships. why? Because of the NATIONAL PRIDE these people have. And what about the Philippines?!? After WW2, we had all the American aid… but why arent we as progressive as Japan or South Korea?!? Like wtf?!?

2) Negative news stories will be censored… or at least kept to a MINIMUM. News stations that regularly broadcast negative things will be warned… then fined… then stripped of license.

3) All who criticize my government… WONT be killed… but rather… be given a fate worse than death. Political manipulations in such a way to remove them from office… and/or a propaganda assault designed to make them look like traitors and humiliate them. The same propaganda assault will be directed to the Abu Sayaff (thugs who claim they're “muslim”), NPA (commie rebels), and MILF (muslim rebels).

4) Increase in taxes… higher income will have a bigger tax percentage (copying the system of Canada here). Roads, bridges, housing, job training programs, public transportation, health care, etc… will be subsidized by the tax increase. To convince the people to accept the tax increase at first, I will pay money out of my own pocket to fund infrastructure projects. Propaganda video will show me participating in construction, farm work, etc… RAW UNEDITED FOOTAGE in some cases. Not just standing there waving and smiling.

5) Increased military funding. Soldiers will get better equipment and salaries. Less reliance on US military equipment. I will turn to Russia and China for supplies cuz they're cheaper (or unless the USA will give me a better deal). Also more funding on military research. First the conventional weapons (tanks, guns, planes, etc…) Then missile programs (including nuke, chem, and bio weapons) will follow. A country with a weak military is more likely to be invaded (look at Iraq). The WMD are just for emergency purposes and to deter potential invaders.

6) Increased diplomacy.

***So basically, when the whole country is improving economically, the NPA, Abu Sayaff, and MILF will just die natural deaths. Lesser pool of potential recruits… which mostly consist of the poor and unemployed.

No more rebels… means more foreign investment. More foreign investment means more jobs, and more economic growth. More economic growth means better standards of living.

***lol looks good on paper. lol!
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Disgruntledrm at 10:31PM, June 14, 2007
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- Gay marriage would be legal
- Rapists and especially child molesters would be sentenced to death.
- Euthanasia would be legalized
- More funding towards public education and health care
- Elimination of that stupid ‘no child left behind’ policy
- Scientology would once and for all be legally considered a cult, end of story.
- If you're an illegal alien, fine. If you're an illegal alien and are completely healthy, capable of getting a job, and are not employed for over a year; it's back to where you came from.
- ‘Time Out’ cards in the army would be eliminated. If you find that you are being emotionally abused to an extreme, this is not the military branch for you (and military in general is in fact probably not for you either.)
- Marijuana would be legalized, as long as marijuana users learned how to use proper air fresheners. The incense that most of them use to cover up the smell of pot smoke is in fact worse than the pot smoke itself.
- There would be far more emphasis put on the peace corp., a bit more advertisement and encouragement for joining.
- Harsher punishment for drunk drivers. They should know better, I don't care how drunk they are. ‘Impaired judgment’ my a**. People use being drunk as an excuse so they're forgiven later when they sober up.
- Habeas Corpus no longer suspended.
- Prostitution would be legalized, and the legal age of the women/men in question would be 18 and above.
- Any corruption found among government officials would be weeded out immediately.
- Otherwise unmentioned modifications to US laws would not be made.
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Roguehill at 8:42AM, June 15, 2007
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Hmm…let me see.

-Anyone convicted of murder (not manslaughter) would be summarily executed. Yes, that would mean we would be killing innocent people by accident on occasion. We're sorry for that and would extend benefits to the next of kin.

-You must obtain a permit to lawfully have children. If you have children unlawfully, you are subject to fines or inprisonment. Repeat offenders become subject to sterilization.

-Manditory 2-year military service at 18 years of age.

-Food shipped over 500 miles from where it was grown would be heavily taxed to encourage the growth of small, local markets.

-Public transportation and walkways in urban areas would be enhanced and expanded through monies gathered by toll booths on all main entryways into the city. C'mon…if you want to work in an area, live nearby. Anything else encourages useless waste of fuel.

-Prisoners in public institutions would receive a reduced set of “rights” during their stay at prison. They do not have the right to vote, to legal council or to conduct a lawsuit.

-Marriages of any sort impart no legal rights, but are instead religious ceremonies. To acquire legal rights of partnership, documents must be filed with the state.

Thats' all for now. Carry on with your regularly scheduled program.

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ZeroVX at 9:10AM, June 15, 2007
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If I was in charge of what? The whole world?

If so, then here's what I'd do:

-pull the soldiers out of Iraq. The war shouldn't have been started in the first place. Send them to Afghanistan, if anything.

-legalize gay rights.

-cut back on carbon dioxide emissions. Just enough so that Ol' Mama Earth isn't an egg on a frying pan.

-be a bit more brutal with criminals. If they killed someone, they get beaten until they almost die, then they heal. If they killed more than one person, repeat for every one they killed. If they raped someone……well, you get the idea.

Th-th-th-That's All, Folks!
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sessy6 at 7:43AM, June 16, 2007
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I would declair war on the US, and I wouldn't stop until george bush was executed.
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