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Inker needed
Paperspirit at 7:48PM, July 29, 2008
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I'm the penciller for the soon to be launched comic ‘Clockwork Gods’.

The comic is a mishmash of Steam punk, Jungle girls, action and Victorian fantasy all on a tropical island haunted by magic creatures of all sorts.

I'm pretty good with the pencil but my inking sucks. Samples of my art and some sample character art is located at –

If you are interested in inking about a page a week drop me a line.


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Paperspirit at 2:45PM, Aug. 9, 2008
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Ok - I'm bumping this as I've not gotten even one single reply. This time I'm including some art.

These are going to be the size of the weekly updates and, as you can see, the pencils are pretty tight.

If anybody is interested in inking over me please drop me a line.


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Puff_Of_Smoke at 5:50PM, Aug. 10, 2008
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Quite sorry that I can't help you with your inker problem but the comic sounds and looks awesome. I wish you luck on getting an inker guy…
I have a gun. It's really powerful. Especially against living things.
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Paperspirit at 6:00PM, Aug. 11, 2008
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Thanks for the compliment on the art. Please keep checking back often on the strip. It's gonna start out a little slow but as I go along I'm thinking I can pick up speed.

I never thought I'd have trouble finding an inker and due to the rather underwhelming response to my request for an inker, I've just decided to grayscale it like the samples below. I'm good at it and it's one more person we don't need to bring in I guess.

Thanks for checking out what little we have up right now. I promise more soon.

Now for a colorist……………………

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Drifterxgs at 10:42AM, Aug. 16, 2008
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Hey guys, This is the writer for clockwork gods. We really need an inker and we would be willing to share full credit plus on the opening pages with them. If you know a friend who is a colorist, a letterer, an inker. Please throw them this page or reply, leave us a pq. We are working very hard to make this one of the tp grade pulp/steampunk adventure comics so any takers is greatly appreciated. Thank you -Drifter.
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herio at 4:18AM, Aug. 19, 2008
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i fell for ya so if you what i will do it

though also good at coloring

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loam at 8:06AM, Aug. 22, 2008
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Hm… It's definitely tempting :] Though I'm kinda intimidated since you're basically a gazillion times better than me when it comes to pencils….

Well, anyway, let's see if I'm even half-way decent for you:
I usually ink digitally, it's been a long time since I've done something traditionally, however, depending on the time I have to get back in the traditional field, I could eventually work on my inking…
Secondly, coloring! Honestly speaking I'd prefer coloring since I'm better at coloring than I am with inking. Anyway…

The most important thing I'm going to ask for though is the timeframe I'd have for each page. As much as I love working on new projects, I'm kinda busy, so if you're looking for someone who makes 1 page per day for you, I'm definitely not the right person and we can drop this topic immediately. One page per week should, however, be manageable.

Hm, yeah, anyway… in conclusion, I leave you with my deviantart-account so you can look at my stuff and decide whether or not you think I might be what you're searching for…

Anyway, I wish you the best and have a nice day,

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Paperspirit at 7:10AM, Aug. 23, 2008
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This spot in now closed. Thanks.
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