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Introductions of Ego
Batgal the Chic at 12:46PM, May 12, 2007
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I notice that every time a New Introductions thread opens up, it gets turned into a place to link to websites, new comic book strips/pages, “oooh look at my stuff.” Well, I am not going to do that. Instead, I, Batgal the Chic, alias BatChic (which was a forbidden nic line to cross) would like to say hello. I am looking forward to creating some new alternative comix stuff and thus be inspired to post it here. Also to meet others of like minds and perhaps get involved in some collabcomix.

That's all.
Except for one thing.
Betcha did not know batchic is defined in the Urban Dictionary
Yes. That is me. Look it up. I think you might enjoy it just a little. :kitty:
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snark at 4:23PM, May 12, 2007
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Hey there, welcome to DD! Looking forward to seeing your comics ^_^
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