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Labyrinths and Pillow Mountains
maritalbliss at 8:38PM, May 11, 2007
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Yesterday I got a phone call from Ethan's Sister. She and her husband were leaving for Vegas today and needed a babysitter until MiMi (Ethan's mom) got off work. As, I was in the Land of KidDom all day and am rarely around kids, I thought I would share my day:

Got up waaayyyyy earlier than usual.

Put on make-up (which I rarely do) and cute clothes (which I do even more seldom.)

Succeeded in getting Ethan out of bed, showered, and in the car only ten minutes later that I intended us being in the car.

Spent the day with Niece #1 (Age: 7,) who supposedly had The Strep; but, must have been feelin' better as she was full 'o piss and vinegar.

Played Clue Jr. with Niece #1 and Ethan. After which, Ethan somehow got in a nap while, Niece and I made Candy Dots with this cheap little Candy Dot Maker that I had picked up for just such an occassion. (I do not recommend this activity as it was messy, very messy—My hands look like they are morphin into Smurfette—and full, full of sugar.)

Then, Niece #1 woke up Ethan, as he had to go to work. (Manager of a horse-drawn carriage company, until we start makin' some scratch off'a writin' and comics.)

Ethan did get to see Niece #1 be enthralled by a movie before he had to go, which is precious. We watched Labyrinth (which I was bankin' on her not havin' seen, but bein' the perfect age to just dig it enough.) Which was one of the most adorable things we have ever seen…She hated the Goblin King and was soooo worried about the babe…What babe? She was indignant towards the “Sister” and couldn't fathom how a Sister could do that. She, a big sister herself, assured me she would never, ever wish for goblins to take her little sister. She loved it and I was so glad.

After Ethan left, Niece #1 and I built Pillow Mountain. The initial luster of which dulled quickly and we resorted to hiding a pink feathery pen in the midst of Pillow Mountain. The objective of which was to take a running leap and plunge head first into Pillow Mountain, ripping the Mountain apart upon landing and finding the feathery stick. The hunt for the feather stick was much-much more popular and made Pillow Mountain a hit attraction.

Finally, after not bein' able to get the television off of the DVD, talked her into another movie.

During which, MiMi showed up and left to go and retreive Niece #2 from “School” (She's 3.) Then we played and played and played while MiMi ordered a pizza.

Then we played and played and played while we waited for the pizza, from horsy (Yes, my back was the horse—and I started today, so you KNOW that was fun.) to ball. We played.

Then we ate pizza.

Then we played and played and played.

Finally, Mimi drove me home and now I sit here typing.

I am exhausted, I am aching, I have a bit of a migraine comin' on. I have dishes to do, laundy to do, and things to pick up. At least I don't have to cook tonight, as I have a ton of leftover pizza! But, I would do it again tomorrow. The best part of the day was when I was hugging Niece #1 goodbye and she whispered in my ear, “I don't hug anyone as hard as I hug you.” I thought I was gonna' cry. Ethan and I have been married a little over nine years, we don't have kids. Not ‘cause we don’t want them, we do….bad….we are just waiting. But, it sure does get harder the more I'm around 'em.

So, share precious “viewing” moments, activities that scored or bombed with either your own kids or while babysitting. (I know parents are always excited to talk about their kids. Right? Well, they should be.) Or vent that any buttreaming A-Hole can be a parent. So, respond or no; but, regardless, have a great weekend and I highly recommend Pillow Mountain if you get bored.
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marine at 11:07AM, May 12, 2007
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AQua_ng at 11:27AM, May 12, 2007
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I do something to pillow mountain. Except that we do it with people.

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