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Ladies and gentlemen The moment you have all been waiting for....Introducing SPRITESPLOSION!!!
Ketiou at 2:29PM, June 11, 2008
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Ladies and Gents as you all know the amazing and famous Fightsplosion has millions of viewers and billions of fans and is very extremely popular and is on its 3rd season already?! *Wow amazing way to go FS!*
Anyways now I know you admire and look up to all though' amazing fightsploders out there and wish to be like them but is not as artistically talented as them or are and dont have a scanner…(Me)
Well now you can because there is a competition for spriters like you!!!
Yes whatever spriter style or class you are whether you are an advanced spriter like pooni or Seelikun (Or me ^.^) or just beginning. You are all welcome and ACCEPTED!
So are you ready? Well alright so am I! YAYNESS
Ok so basic rules…
Same as FS with a few changes

No One shot kills!
Players may post only 2 pages per turn.
Players must wait there turn.
AS long as we can read it its good.
Each player has 2 days to get there page in or force win by default.
Have fun and play safe. No killing each others characters only if you win then you can if you want to. ^.^
Now usually I would say only sprites that you edited but since im one a computer that has none of my edited sprites then I guess its ok. ^.^
Now only 1 character per person and please give a pretty god bio.
When you face your op you will email all your sprite sheets that you are going to be using in the battle.

There we go.
Now how the battle will go you will have 2 pages each that you go back and forth until you reach 10 12 or 14 pages total or until it seems like someone won.
Then the winner will be decided by the judges usually I will be the judge.
The during the semi finals I will have people vote to see who they think did better and then the winners will go on in a all for all final match and the winner will receive the title as CHAMPION SPRITSPLODER!!

So are you excited? Me too! Alright lets GOOO!!!

ok how to sign up.
Just submit a small sprite of your character and this.



Alright there is 8 spots left so Sign up! ^.^
Actually there is 7 cause im in it too!
Ok so have fun and…
Enjoy! ^.^
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poonipoonz at 2:22PM, June 15, 2008
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Wait… So how does this work? Maybe it'll be better if we did this on my forum….
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mishi_hime at 4:51PM, June 15, 2008
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It's my worst nightmare come true….
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Ketiou at 7:39PM, June 15, 2008
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Yep! Enjoy!! ^.^
Oh and Poonz lokat FS (Which rocks*Fightsplosion)
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omegaman at 1:54PM, June 26, 2008
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Hey dude , i can't wait until you make those gimp tutorials
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