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maritalbliss at 5:56AM, May 20, 2007
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Hey, I've never read your comic, but you've only been on since December, give her a proper shake man…Of course, if you do quit…one less for us to compete with…So, yeah…go ahead…

But really, we want to be in syndication and do this for a living. Has not happened yet, but…can't give up hope, they left it with Pandora for a reason. Maybe that is a bad example…Just do it for fun.
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Hijuda at 7:07AM, May 20, 2007
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I guess that this is not my thing. After being reviewed by my peers, I have decided that I will just leave my drawing to being a hobby. I wanted to see if I should start to take this seriously. I now see that this is a waste of time. I will remove the blemish that is H-wing from this site. If any of you did like it please do not bother to check for updates because there will be no more.


Alright, I'm SORRY. Don't take it so seriously.
It's a comic!

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snark at 3:09AM, May 21, 2007
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Hey man, I know its not really my place to say this but don't let the reviews get to you. Learn from what they had to say and become better for it.

Ultimately, its your decision, but I hope you don't give up now after putting pride and effort into your work.
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