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later days...
time00 at 11:10AM, Nov. 17, 2009
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long story short im leaving dd for awhile for these reasons:

1 made crappy comics(dont bother looking for them i deleted them).
2 due to an accident i lost all my sprites,backgrounds, and other things needed for comics.
3 im close to graduating hc so i wont have the time.

its not a perminant leave i just wont be back until next year(mabye).
though not many people know me so ya probally dont care.

but any way this is good bye.
i leave as a boy but come back a big boy(even potty trained)
i space out more than anybody…
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Erad at 2:10PM, Nov. 17, 2009
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Although I never got a chance to look at your comics, I still think you should have left them up. Someone might have appreciated them, you never know.

Also, people grow and evolve over time, you might have transformed your comics into somehting truly amazing.

It's up to you but maybe we'll see you around soon.
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