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List of Civil War Comics
skoolmunkee at 2:40PM, June 21, 2007
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I am way late in the game with this, but here's a non-comprehensive list of Civil War comics. :)

The Drunk Duck Civil War Wiki
The information source for pretty much everything Civil War, updated by Zac, MrRiot, and hpkomic (although I assume they welcome any help, it looks like a big project!)

And now for a list:

Alejkhan Goes to War
By Alejkhan
Comic book creator Alejkhan struggles with the identity issues of her many comic characters whilst simultaneous fighting for freedom from the oppressive registration regime.

Been Better: A drunk duck civil war event
By theJimmy
Do green tights, a purple cape, and a crowbar give you the power to stand up for what's right? The J is going to find out.

Behind A Name A Drunk Duck Civil War Event
By OutofLine
OutofLine battles to protect her right to anonymity, armed against countless Platinum police guards with only her wit and a magic pendant…

Bias of Blue
By Evil_Snuffkin
A demoness using her skills and wits is determined to defend her rights and stop herself from being blocked from Drunk Duck forever.

By Kadiro_Kapira
Using his high speed and strategic intellect, Blitzman joins Team Zac to help support Rosencron's new orders.

Convenient Hell
By sominous
Sominous's character gets in a fight, then sees Riot and follows him back to his hideout.

Fated Feather Civil War
By iagojester
Civil War- Captain Hawke style. How Captain Hawke broke out of the drama of “Fated Feather” to join the war over names on Drunk Duck.

By fern
A 25-page comic which tells the story of how the Fiercesome Icon Fivesome disbanded. It is already over and is berry funny! Read it! I guarantee you will laugh!

Floyd and Mike Illuminati The Initiative Frontline The Return Choosing Sides/
By Cold
The Civil War raging through the Drunk Duck universe reaches everyone's favourite static businessmen as they go behind enemy lines in a dangerous mission which could turn the whole tide of stuff and that.

G.U.A.R.D: A Drunk Duck Civil War Event
By Aqua_ng
Follow Antony Quang's adventure as the part of G.U.A.R.D.

By acadia
Speedy veteran hero Acadia joins the side of Riot after hearing about the rule change. Currently embroiled in a battle with Dante, of the Civil War event Hellfire.

In the Medic's Tent
By Nickai Nockturne
Description: A comic about a neutral medic and ex-hero trying to keep it together while taking care of patients, breaking up fights, being turned into fanservice, and pwning with toasters.

Karen the Marilith
The link is the beginning of the Civil War chapter. Karen the Marilith's adventures during the Drunk Duck Civil War. (The whole comic is about the life and times of a misunderstood demon, namely, Karen.)

Ocka In The Drunk Duck Civil War
By Ocka
What do you get when you piss off a guy who knows how to make robots by telling him to register his real name to the cold dark world of Drunk Duck? You get Ocka, a guy who knows how to make robots and is going to fight for his freedom to call himself Ocka.

OMG Another DD Civil War Comic
By JillyFoo
A comedy civil war comic that features crossovers. Doesn't take itself seriously, mostly goofing off.

Peace, Dudes!
By RainyDay2
It's about a really crazy hippie who gets involved in the whole thing.

Phineus Magician for Hire
By phinmagic
A one-page gag strip for Civil War.

A Hero's Story
By Hero
Hero finds out from an informant that Drunkduck is forcing name registration laws and following a skirmish with an enforcer of said law, and sets out to warn the people.

Small Secrets
By Cheeko
Cheeko is forced to compromise a few smaller secrets in order to protect her biggest one: her identity. Soon to come: Common Ground (Cheeko vs. Freux!)

The Act
By shisno15
An emotional dive into the not so distant future.

The Author
By Mr Chappers
The Author and The Pun-isher start there quest to help Mr riot. It all starts when the ‘registers’ come along to get there names, as our heros make there escape.

Dog Days of War:A DDCW Event
By Captain Jim
Captain Jim and his sidekick,Chilli the wiener dog, fight to protect their identities.

The Five Gods
No one sent me a summary *shakes fist*

theRedDeath-the Road to Civil War
By theRedDeath
A brief prequel to the events of Civil War explaining how theRedDeath decided to join Zac's side and a glimpse at the events of Spriteford.

What Would Darwin Do
By Darwin
Darwin is busily working on her stable of comics, a typical day. She is fielding complaints by several of her characters, when her day is interrupted by representatives of the Registration Act. What would Darwin do? Not go quietly into the night that's for sure!

When Choosing a Side A Drunk Duck Civil War Event
By celrena
Choosing a side can be difficult but do you really have to choose a side?

White Hole
By ladyranozenth
It's a story detailing the events leading up to and during
White Hole's participation in the DD Civil War.
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