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knucklix at 6:39AM, Oct. 5, 2006
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Don't you really hate people who wander into a forum for the first time and start making demands? I hate people like that. Too bad I'm not going to become one. Eep.

So, yeah, I'm a writer. I can draw too, but I'm no where near good enough for what I want to do. What I need is a western-style, superhero-type artist. I've got all these ideas for different characters, some of them superheroes, but a lot of them not so, just kind of caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and thrown into action.

I've got my own webcomic over on Smackjeeves (I started it up during that period where I believe DD was dead - I think) which is, well, cute. I don't want to just be doing cute. If you want to see it, it's called Totally Kotor and you won't understand it - not unless you're played a video game called Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. So about 300 people on the planet actually find it funny.

Yeah, so I'm after a good artist, but considering that I'm just waltzing in here from some other site, and considering that you're all probably already working on your own projects, I doubt I'll have too much success. I'm just pessimistic like that.

Still, if by some miracle you are interested in working with me on a story I've told you nothing about, let me know by emailing me at Or PM me, if this site even has PMs. I dunno. I've been registered for, like, ten minutes.

Sorry again for being a n00b.
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hat at 1:42PM, Oct. 5, 2006
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I've got nothing going on… Is there any specific art style you're looking for?
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