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AlmightyNam at 1:14PM, Oct. 13, 2007
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All right, I really did not want to resort to this, but my original artist dipped out on me, so I'm forced to ask for help here.

First things first, I am asking for an artist for a “Gamer Comic” in a Manga format, and before you disregard this as me wanting to do something done thousands of times hear me out.

The problem with most Gamer comics is that almost every author decided to make one after reading either Penny Arcade, Megatokyo, or VG cats, or a derivation of one of them(like CAD, or Fanboys) The common trait of all of these comics is that they involve two gamers on a couch, either talking about the latest game, or random humor. Continuity is there only if you're lucky and when there is, it still relies on random or extraordinary happenings

Now, I never really realized the problem till I read Genshiken. This was an accurate and honest portrayal of Otaku, nothing out of the scope of possibility happened, the characters, albeit somewhat eccentric, were believable and none lacked simple common sense, and most of all, It was still funny. I read some other slice of life comedy/dramas and saw a similar theme. This then posed the question in my head, why can't Gamers be portrayed as such?

That is the motivation behind me wanting to do this, and so far the story 6 principle characters, every two characters has their own theme, which makes 3 different subplots that intertwine with each other. The main plot is a concerned sister trying to help her brother, whose main schedule involves playing the FPS Counterforce, become more socially active. This plot's main theme is the relationships between non gamers and gamers. A second plot involves two friends who play fighting games competitively and their struggles with school and women. The overall theme for this is the relationships among gamers, and as the stories intertwine, the relationships among gamers who specify in different genres(Fps's vs Fighters). The final subplot is, admittedly, tacked on in the last minute and haven't given much thought. It focuses on two otaku girls, one an avid otaku, the other only mildly one, and their interactions. The main theme that I was planning for them was both the relationships between otaku and gamers, and the gender bias's of both Otaku and Gamers.

Any and all game references will have slightly altered names, Like Gritty Fear YY action Center, and Counter Force, and I am currently trying my best to make the obscure references to a minimum.

Now, the main point is, I have an idea that is pretty well thought out, and I had an artist, but he left me because he thought he was too much suck, and if you think this is interesting and can draw, please, by all means, give me a pm.
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