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Looking for artist(s) for a few...
WriterX at 11:51PM, Aug. 21, 2007
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Now, I know this might seem pathetic, but I have a few ideas which I cannot complete, not because I don't have the time. I simply do not have the talent/equipment to even start them.

My Comic Everchanglings (yes, I am shamelessly promoting my comic here) is a bunch of normaly random ideas that sometimes touch different styles.

If you think you want to help me (and I hope you do) send me a PM and I will give you the details on the idea.

The award programme for a good job is getting credit on the work. Usualy it will look like this “ARTIST: X IDEA BY: WRITERX” where the “IDEA BY” part may be Font 5 somewhere in the corner with black ink on a black background.

Here is an approximate list of what I am looking for at the moment. Again if you want to help me with any of these send me a PM and I will be right with you.


- Somebody who can draw parrots

- Somebody with Gary's MOD (HL2)

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