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Looking for every single artist (and their mothers)
Gregory at 8:42PM, Sept. 11, 2006
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As the subject of this post suggests, I'm in the market for every single artist who is capable of drawing comics. No one is discouraged from helping. No one.

Telenarius is a community-driven comic set in a fantasy world. I have drawn only three of the pages myself, and the rest were completed by others, both on the Duck and off. It has become, to me, kind of like an artistic showcase of some of the unique and stunning talents that can be found on the Duck.

Check the comic for examples.

If you're interested in drawing a page (and being linked to profusely) let me know. I'd prefer email: But, if you leave a comment on the comic or respond to this, I'm sure I'll find you eventually. I write the dialogue and loosely plan the pages, but a huge piece of the creativity rests in the artists hands. I love looking at each page to see what the artists create. Through decoration, details, cropping, setting, pacing, and lighting.

In fact, a great deal of what each page consists of is based on which artist is going to be drawing that particular page. Compare three pages: One by Terminal, one by Jenshin, and one by Elliot. These are some of my favorite artists on the Duck, all for different reasons. As you can see by their contributions, very different reasons.

So then, if you're interested, drop me a line either here, on the comic, or send an email to

Thanks everyone. Happy comicking!
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stardusty at 1:50AM, Sept. 12, 2006
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I totally remember starting to do a page for you, but that was back right before drunkduck exploded. The page you gave me was something about two old generals. I'll try it again if you could help clarify the page.
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priuscomet at 4:15PM, Sept. 13, 2006
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^_^ I'm intersted.

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Webber at 3:42PM, Sept. 18, 2006
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I'd be happy to do a page, just tell waht to do :D
I'll send you an email too, it makes it easier for both of us…
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Gregory at 10:40PM, Sept. 22, 2006
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I'm really digging the response to this so far. I think about five people have stepped up and volunteered, and that's pretty awesome. I'm really looking forward to how these pages turn up.

The offer is still indefinitely on the table. If anyone would like to volunteer, just let me know via this thread, the comic, or email at

I'm thinking good things are on their way. Thanks to everyone who's volunteered so far. I'm hoping to see more.
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