MaxAxil interviews BffSatan of Thor's Thundershack!
skoolmunkee at 11:42AM, March 2, 2011
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This interview is of BffSatan, creator of Thor's Thundershack and others!

(Interview conducted by MaxAxil!)

So Bffsatan, what made you join Drunkduck? How did u found out about it?
Gee, that's making me think back. I remember that the first comic to bring me here was called ‘weird adventures in unemployment,’ or something like that. I don't think it's updated for a very, very long time; not since I joined really. I can't even remember how I discovered that comic.
GOSH! I've been at this site for ages.

Describe yourself. What do you do most of the times and what are you like in person?
I just finished high school and I'm studying game design at the Queensland College of Art. I'm Australian. I'm not a very serious person. I friggin' love webcomics.

Do you like reading other comics? Name some comics you read here in DD.
Hell yeah, I love reading comics. I couldn't pick just a few comics that I like on DD; I'd miss some out and end up feeling like a dick. My favourites generally give a pretty clear idea of what I read.

When you first made your comics, what came into your mind in making them.
I guess I just thought making comics seemed like a fun thing to do. It was always my intention to make a gag-a-day strip without characters, and just make jokes; I got a little distracted from that ideal during my first comic.

What systems do u use to make comics? do u use fancy programs or anything else at all? or do u draw it by hand?
Adobe Flash. Now I'll tell you a little secret. The only reason I use Flash is because I am pretty terrible at every other graphics program ever on account of not having learnt them. Flash on the other hand, I am practically an expert.

In what way would you want people who are adding u to be your friend?
I don't know. Honestly, the whole DrunkDuck friends system seems a little flawed to me; there isn't really much use to it at all. Hopefully the new design will add a little more functionality to that.

Do you have any inspirations in making your comics?
Usually all my ideas just come from a very small thought and evolve inside my head. They usually just jump at me, but my mind has to be pretty clear at the time. I'm finding lately that 40 minute bus trips into uni tend to do the trick.

Do you make comics on your own or do u have a partner or team to make this.
I haven't had a partner in years, not since my last one was gunned down in a drugs bust. Since then I've work alone, flying solo.

How many times a day do you update a comic? Do u have a specific day you update?
Let me do the maths on that one… I update twice for every seven days, so 2 divided by seven is 0.2857142857, which is how many times a day I update; or at least that's the most digits my calculator's screen can hold.

I update Thursday and Sunday, although honestly, it's often Friday and Monday. My rule is that, as long as it's Thursday or Sunday somewhere; I'm not late.

Obviously I chose Thursday because it means Thor's day. Sunday because it's spaced well away from Thursday. Hopefully, I can one day start updating Tuesday too; that way my update schedule will be TTS.

Is there anything you would like to say who are against your comics if ever there are any?

Ok, but seriously; I've received pretty much no criticism for TTS, I'm sure there's people out there who don't get it, but they have a right to not like it.

Haters gonna' hate.

How long have you been in DD? Do you draw comics before as well?
Well, when I was real young I drew a crappy little comic about a group of super heroes with mostly animal related powers. They were something like Cat-boy, Bird-girl, Cow-Boy, and Angel-girl. Yeah, it was bad. Cat-boy was the main hero; Bird-girl, his love interest; Cow-boy was the comic relief; and Angel-girl was just some dumb bitch.

A while later, a few years before I made BffSatan, me and a friend nearly started our own comic. I had a few crappy comics done, but we never got around to it.

So really BffSatan was my first proper comic, which from where I am now I consider a learning experience.

If ever there is someone you would like to thank for ideas for your comic, Who would they be?
K.C.Green; that dude is pretty much my webcomics idol. A lot of his work inspired a fair bit of my writing style.

Also, Hark and Kev, their review of BffSatan was really useful.

And every other webcartoonist ever.
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I Am The 1337 Master at 2:05PM, March 10, 2011
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Good job Max. I always wanted to know why BFF is so messed up.

Your coding's messed up by the way Skool.
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