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Mike Hughes
Mikewingmh at 4:21PM, June 22, 2011
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Name's Mike Hughes and I've been big into comics since I was a little kid. I've branched out in the media industry and went to film school and have done work in the field. I'm an aspiring writer and artist working on both comics and novels. However, my passion at the moment is comics. It's been a long time coming because my brother-in-law have had this idea for over a decade and I'm finally glad to be able to say I'm doing something with it.

I'm a big sports fan, mostly hockey and football. In that order.
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Ice 9 at 4:47PM, June 22, 2011
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Film is a cut throat industry, still, I wish I could have gotten into it. Myself I'm working on novels and screenplays. The comics are just a hobby for me.

If I could draw I would get more into it, but well, my work just isn't that great.
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