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Penciller wanted......
StudioNFC at 8:58AM, Feb. 25, 2007
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Hello Everyone. I'm in need of a penciller for Surge #3. The book will be 20 to 22 pages in length. No major deadlines or anything.

Unfortunatly no pay is involved, as this is for a web-comic only and no money will be made from the project. However I also do print comics, and if things work well on SUrge, then I could end up offering a position on a print comic.

If you're interested, just shoot me an e-mail at


Craig DeBoard
Ninja Frog Comics

Craig DeBoard
Production Artist/Illustrator
“Grimm, Indiana” - Creator, Writer, Artist
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herio at 9:18PM, March 7, 2007
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Fare enough mr Ninja but i have no email one i gave out last time i got lots of spanish pepole

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