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Punk-Pink!: Bebe needs your questions and cameos!
Hapoppo at 5:59PM, June 22, 2009
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At present, I really have no idea how long until the next Punk-Pink! story arc. So, to fill in some of the extra space, I'd like to do a little Q&A session with Punk-Pink!'s own Bebe Dea. All you really have to do is ask a question - preferrably related to Punk-Pink!, but not necessarily; just think of this as Punk-Pink!'s own version of Strong Bad E-mails. Also, if you have a webcomic and would like Bebe to interact directly with one of your own characters as the questioner, just let me know. Obviously, standard rules of decency apply with your questions. Thanks, guys! Looking forward to your questions.

Oh yeah, and just a little forewarning, Bebe has a tendency to be aggressive and compulsive, so your characters may undergo a bit of abuse.
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