Round 4: Kali interviews BffSatan!
skoolmunkee at 6:14AM, Feb. 19, 2009
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This interview of BffSatan is conducted by Kali!

Hi, I’m Kali and am your interviewer for today. To begin with clue us drunkducker’s out there into your life with a little information about your good self…

Well, I’m Australian and my real name is Alex, I’m sixteen and am still in high school. I am an avid lover of music, flash animation, web comics, guitar and video games. I am probably the only person in the world who likes both snow patrol and slipknot. I am annoyed by people using words and terms incorrectly.

For all those readers out there who haven’t read your comic yet, give them a brief description of what your comic is about (think of it in the terms of plugging)…

It’s a strip comic with a silly and sometimes inappropriate sense of humour about a dude and his best friend forever Satan. It’s a comic that I hope most people can enjoy.

I noticed that your comic started around the beginning of March so I guess it could be classed as a relatively new comic; the strips are pretty random where do you get inspiration for them and what made you want to start a comic?

I’ve been reading a lot of comics outside of drunk duck for a while, I was inspired by these comics to try and make my own so when I found drunk duck I took the opportunity and started.

Jesus, Satan, the Pope, God, Saint Peter… Santa O.o ? A lot of your main characters are religious figures which leads me to ask, are you religious?

I’m a little religious but I’m also agnostic, I think there is a God but the bible only defines God loosely. I think Jesus was a cool dude who taught a lot of important lessons. I still think God might not be real and I believe in evolution and the big bang.

Your art has a very unique and distinctive style, that was the first thing that grabbed my attention when I read your comic. What computer programme is it done on and how long does it roughly take you to complete one update on a good day?

I use flash to make my comics, it’s an animation program and a lot of my art is inspired by animation. If I work non-stop without distractions I can be done in a few hours at most, depending on how big the comic is. Mostly though I have homework or I am distracted by web comics and new grounds so it takes the time between two updates.

So do you plan your comic pages or do you just suddenly have a “eureka!” moment and put pen to paper?

I plan a lot, I have a few frames in flash and pieces of paper covered in scribbled down ideas. Some comics are spur of the moment, but I don’t like those ones, it means I don’t have enough time to think, “hang on a minute, that isn’t funny.” I think it’s best when I take time to ask myself how I am going to show the reader what I want them to see and what to put in each panel.

Does BFFSatan have an update schedule? If so, when is it?

Yes, it goes
Wednesday, Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday and that keeps going like that until I die or get bored and try something else.

My definition of day is very lenient, I still count a day as Wednesday as long as somewhere in the world it is Wednesday.

The humour in BFFsatan is pretty straightforward with jabs at society and religion (nobody escapes your wrath), what are your main dislikes or annoyances about comedy films today?

Comedy films are mostly awesome, even if I don’t like one I won’t let it bother me that other people do, I try to respect others tastes. The only thing that ever bothers me is when people are deliberately out to insult people and try to pass it off as a joke. In BffSatan I never try to single out groups of people and poke fun at them.

Do you have a favourite comedy series? (I found a page with Martin Luther King making a Baldrick quote on one of your pages.)

Black Adder is awesome, I like a few old British comedies, like the young ones and a little bit of Fry and Laurie. I also really like many American sit-coms, especially 30 rock and scrubs, they are awesome. Overall 30 rock is the best.

Everybody knows that when you set up a comic, you always have regular readers waiting for the next instalment. Why don’t you give a shout out and thank those people?

Thanks to Kitsunesan who posted the first comment on BffSatan and makes two awesome currently updating comics, “phychd” and “Will and Tokyo.”

Thanks to Brogan who unfortunately has not been around to read comics or make his awesome comic Artic Blast.

Thanks to Insizwa who let me do some guest work for Faul3 Tur, which is a hilarious comic.

Thanks to Fly Hue for being a frequent commenter who makes Triple Torture, which I will go back to reading as soon as I’ve finished answering these questions.

And thanks to my most recent commenter, keneticlopx who makes the very funny squircle.

If it wasn’t for these comments I wouldn’t still be making BffSatan, and I think it’s awesome that they all make comics that I enjoy as well.

Final question, in a fight between Satan and Jesus (comic version of course), who do you think would win and how would they do it?

*gasp* Jesus and Satan fighting! They would never do that. But I guess this is a what if question. I think Satan would win since everything Jesus can do can be undone by Satan. I Haven’t mentioned their powers yet, but that’s kinda how it works. All of Jesus’ attacks would be useless and then Satan would go in for a killer round house kick when Jesus is off guard. However it wouldn’t be much of a victory because every three days he has to do it again.

And that’s it! Thank you BffSatan and thanks to you guys for listening. :D

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houseofmuses at 7:02AM, Feb. 19, 2009
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Great interview! I have to admit I'm intrigued–I've never heard of anyone using Flash to create a comic strip! But no matter, my curiosity is up. I have to check out your strip!
Great job, Kali and BffSatan!
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harkovast at 4:18PM, Feb. 19, 2009
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I think Bffsatan may well have given away a really killer idea for a final comic in that last question!
I want to read a Jesus fights Satan strip.

For more Harkovast related goings on, go to the Harkovast Forum
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smkinoshita at 9:35AM, Feb. 22, 2009
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Heh heh heh… I also use Flash. You can't beat it for fast, flat colours.
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BffSatan at 11:21PM, Feb. 23, 2009
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Mayb Harkovast, maybe… (but probably not)

I agree Smkinoshita, when it comes to that simple and strong look flash is a winner.
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Nicol3 at 3:43PM, Feb. 24, 2009
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Whoop whoop, GO FLASH! I use it for all my comics, and of course, it doubles as an animation medium.

Another great interview.
My comics. Take a whiff!
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