Round 4: Mutation interviews kaleygeminni of Geminni!
skoolmunkee at 1:04AM, Feb. 12, 2009
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Today's interview is brought to us by Mutation, who has done a great interview of kaleygeminni!

Lets start at the beginning, what could you pinpoint as the one thing to start you on drawing or doing your webcomic? Then how did it go from there to now?
Oh dear… now that is the complicated question. I was in my Creative Writing class when the professor challenged us to write a short story about a character whose personality was the opposite of our own and was someone that we could admire. That was when Yun was born. Her personality was so out there and hilarious that my classmates begged me to write more. With Geminni, I decided to start at the beginning - where Yun is still a little girl… to challenge me and to give me time to perfect my art style.

Awesome! I was a little curious about the title, ' Geminni', how did that name come to be the title of your comic? Any cool tales about it?
To put it simply? My sister hates Geminis. :D She runs into so bloody many of them and I did it partially to annoy her. ^^ The other reason will come up later in the comic… ;)

Suppose you and your main character Kaley Szab switched places. Is there anything you'd do differently with her life than your own?
Kaley concentrates too much on being a mother and friend and too little time spent on herself. She needs more ‘me’ time, basically. She's also babied Yun a little too much, thus resulting in her intense jealousy with Troy. That, I think, she could have prevented.

Allright, the toughest of your questions, which character of yours is your favorite, or at least the most fun to work with?
Oooooh… Personality-wise, I'd have to say Troy. Every other character in my comic, it seems, is a bit crazy, and he's… not so much. :) He balances out the vibe of the comic… To draw…? I'd say Moogi. I love her hair! ^^ I also enjoy dressing her and giving her that impish grin she wears most of the time now…

So, your comic is pretty humor based, but are there any other genres that you love, or you at least favor a little more than others?
Hm… romance, drama, action, and the supernatural.

Suppose you could have your comic printed for free, but you'd lose your left arm, would you go for it? If not that arm, what would you give up for something like that?
Oh hell no. I do love free stuff, but I love my limbs more. I'd give some time and effort, but no limbs…

Since we're more then halfway done, what's something that you think your readers might question about? Or do you have some delicious little tidbits of info you'd like to share with your fans?
I try to answer questions in the comments, but just to repeat myself - Lester is male, I personally do not have any children, I like eating pie crust off pie, and Lester's wig was the black one… His real hair is dyed purple-pink. Oh, and several characters are based on some friends and family. :)

If you, and all your characters had theme songs, what do you think they'd be? And, while you're at it, tell us why! n.n
Lester: Shania Twain's, “I Feel Like a Woman” - Me: Meredith Brook's “Bitch” - Simon: Black Eyed Peas' “Hey Mama”… lol I have too many characters now. I could go forever. Aha! But a theme song for the comic itself… Salt-n-Pepa's “Let's Talk About Sex” perhaps? ;P

What sort of comics out there do you think your fanbase also enjoys? So you might attract someone who has read those comics to your own comic.
Manga, comedy, and romance most probably.

Suppose you finish up this comic, grow somewhat tired of the characters, whatnot, would be making another comic? Why or why not? And if so, tell us a bit about what it might be.
I thought about that a long time ago and well, Yun, in my mind, is immortal. I might as well tell you, as my art style will grow and develop, so will Yun's character. In this part of the series, Yun is five years old. In the next, she will be thirteen. Never fear, Yun has plenty of story to tell.

Now, say some things that you think I haven't covered in the interview! What do you think is important etc.
Although the story will always come back to Yun, I think it is important to acknowledge the other characters and their sidestories as they come and go. I only intended them to be the backdrop to Yun's majesty but their characters took on a life of their own upon creation. I only ask for your continued support and thanks so much for reading! ^^
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houseofmuses at 7:24AM, Feb. 12, 2009
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What a fun interview!! Guys, go check out Geminni!
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kaleygeminni at 9:16AM, Feb. 12, 2009
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Thanks! :) I was drunk on lack of sleep when I answered the interview questions… glad it turned out okay. :sleepy: :kitty:
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heartfang at 10:10PM, March 19, 2009
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Yun is awesome and im glad to hear that there will be sections about her when shes a teen. ive been wanting that since we saw how simon and her met XD
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Little Swan at 11:05AM, Aug. 13, 2009
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Lol heartfang :) I'm quite looking forward to seeing how Yun grows up too, although I'm really enjoying the comic's pace at the moment.
I love Geminni, one of my favourite comics ^^ it's charming.
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