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Seeking Female/Male Models: No Heroes - Please no nudes
Kroatz at 11:26AM, April 14, 2010
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Yes Ladies and Gentlefolk, No Heroes's brilliant artist (Me) is looking for models, people of various ages, races, gender and build. If you would like to see yourself in No Heroes, if you are so cool that you'd like to help me out or if you're already in posession of some pics and you feel they are going to waste…
Send them to me!

I am specifically looking for:
- Slim, almost skinny, looking guy.
In the age range of 18-26.
Preferably dark skin.
Preferably short hair.

- Small looking woman.
In the age range of 18-26.
Preferably white skin.
Preferably medium length hair, red hair.

- Big man.
In the age range of 30-50.
Preferably slightly tanned.
Preferably possessing the biggest damn beard in human history.

If you feel you fit into any of these categories, post something here or just PQ me. I'll be needing most other body types too, so if you think: “Hey, I want to be famous.” your pics will still be appreciated.
It'd be great if you had your own camera and someone willing to take your shots, I'll ask of some expressions and poses if you decide to help me out. I won't be needing any embarrasing poses, nor will I need anything sexual in nature, your face will not be used for anything you don't want either, so don't be afraid.
Thanks in advance.

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Kroatz at 7:32AM, May 8, 2010
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Still looking, I've only gotten one PQ so far, just keep it coming people!
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