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so how angry would this make you?
barking_frog at 12:58PM, Sept. 9, 2007
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SERIOUSLY. did you know that last year i APPLIED to be an RA? you'd think they would pick someone who could tell the difference between soda and booze.

The person they usually pick for that sort of job (“policeman” of any type, really) is someone who is convinced everyone is essentially untrustworthy and/or immoral and/or purely self-interested and is just looking to trick them or rip people off in some way, is aggressive, and is tireless in making sure that silly trivial rules are enforced. Such a person is an ideal unthinking “right arm” for someone who's actually in a position to make the decisions. People who actually think do not generally get hired for that sort of job because people who think do not blindly enforce rules in a predictible fashion. It's almost certain you're not qualified for the job.

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blu at 1:12PM, Sept. 9, 2007
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barking_frog just made me feel alot better about being rejected. thanks :)
other than that, this comment is pointless.
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herio at 7:17PM, Sept. 9, 2007
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by the way how did it all go? in the eand blu jusk asking

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blu at 8:24PM, Sept. 9, 2007
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by the way how did it all go? in the eand blu jusk asking

ok i talked to her. she said she'd drop the charges and talk to the idi– i mean the RA. :3
so i'm in the clear now

other than that, this comment is pointless.
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simonitro at 10:59PM, Sept. 9, 2007
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Maybe, this RA had some issues from the past and now, she's taking all the madness on all of you or she might have a peanut instead of a brain!

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CaptianCrunch at 5:07AM, Sept. 10, 2007
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Maybe if you offered the RA one of those sodas you could set down and teach her how to read labels.
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Enef at 2:35PM, Sept. 11, 2007
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Let it roll off your back and laugh along with everyone else at this persons idiocy.

Or tell them to fuck off.

Either way is a win.
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worstcase at 6:45PM, Sept. 11, 2007
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that sucks…i like strawberry cream soda…
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ShinGen at 2:59AM, Sept. 12, 2007
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Wow. You are so much nicer than me. I would have waited till she came in and then beat the ever loving shit out of her and called it trespassing.

I must commend you for not strangling her as we speak. If I were you I'd photoshop the label and blow it up to a ridiculous size. Then go to her place of residence and staple it to the wall outside of her house.

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thecaptain at 6:06AM, Sept. 12, 2007
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Well, i would imagine thats quite frustrating.. i can't say that i blame them for being suspicious about the bottle, but after you showed it to them, that should have cleared everything up. But people are always trying to get away with stuff by lying or trying to hide things, and ruining it for everyone else. Plus i can to some extent understand how they might have thought you had booze, because they do make alot of Beverages that look like soda. For Example: “Mike's hard lemonade”, and all of them fruit flavored malt liqour drinks that Smirnoff makes, Or they could have thought it was a wine cooler.

My suggestion with this situation, now thats its all over is this.

Take some Stool Softeners.. Find the person who assumed you had alcohol. And begin to loudly and akwardly defacate yourself. And Then talk to them as if nothing has happend.. Start bringing up stuff in your conversation like, “Whats the Awful Smell?”. And then start throwing wild accusations at them, Suggesting that they are the one who has soiled him/her-self..

That'll Teach them…
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kingofsnake at 6:38AM, Sept. 12, 2007
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I had an RA come into my room because my roommate left the door open and we'd stolen a chair from the commons area.

I lost, like, a minibar, I had a fifth of kaluha, a fifth of vodka, a fifth of rum, a half gallon of JD, and like a twelve pack of beer. And I had to work over the weekend as punishment.

That was a bad weekend
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Kristen Gudsnuk at 12:28PM, Sept. 12, 2007
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you THOUGHT it was soda… dun-dun-dun!!

no, but really, that's pretty lame. (brings to mind my own tales of woe with the UPD.)
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Hyptosis at 12:16AM, Sept. 13, 2007
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Ung.. sorry.. annoying tale… I'd perform some kind of arm lock on said person in question if at all possible. Just sayin'
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junkyb at 11:46PM, Sept. 14, 2007
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Ever drive around in your car drinking an IBC cream soda? times :P
But seriously, yeah, that RA is a noob.
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Priest_Revan at 11:55PM, Sept. 14, 2007
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RA's are very dumb.

I would be very pissed off if crap like that happened to me.
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MagickLorelai at 1:39PM, Sept. 15, 2007
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dumb RA's are the bane of dorm living. I had an awesome RA that, unfortunately, no one on our floor listened to. One of my neighbors, on the other side of our paper-thin walls, had the tendency to play loud music past noise curfew. I would try to handle it myself- only to discover half the floor knocking on their door- but they would turn it down for five minutes, before cranking it up again.

What makes my RA awesome? After two nights of these people not listening to us or her, she rapped on their door, wrote them up, gave them a “this is your last chance” warning, and made sure to raise her voice to that they got the message(she never raised her voice). The next time they had the music up? She didn't warn 'em, she went directly to Res. Life and got them in serious trouble.
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MediaMessiah at 3:07PM, Sept. 16, 2007
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yeah dorms sounds like fun(but i agree that was unfair, but what a story to tell the grandkids, eh?)
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jmt at 7:36AM, Sept. 17, 2007
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I wouldn't have advised you to take a bottle into the hearing. They have the burden of proof right? Eef them.
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