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So Uhm...Heath Ledger
Ladyknight17 at 7:07AM, Feb. 2, 2008
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I saw Ned Kelly. I thought it was good.

People just tend to talk about the last big thing an actor or someone equivalently famous did before they died and it doesn't help that he just, just finished batman.

Oh don't get me wrong! I'm supremely happy with the way he played the Joker. He acctually made him feel full blown crazy. I really don't like the first Batman movies because it was painfully obvious Tim Burton hadn't taken his hand away from his face long enough to acctually study what he was directing. It didn't follow any story line ever written in the comics about any of the characters. Not even the originals done by Bob Kane. I'm a huge Batman fan, and as a fan those movies are an abomination.I was so happy with the new Batman movie, and then seeing the trailers to the second makes me happy once again.

He said publicly that he didn't want to be a teen movie actor. He wanted to be remembered for his other works. And so I really hope to see the Joker as something we can all remember him by.

Aside from that…whoever said he was gay or whatever was causing all the commotion, he has a two year old little girl. I'm kind of surprised no one's mentioned her thus far. Poor baby…I think the hardest thing for me is knowing she's going to grow up without her daddy. Any child that has to go threw that just breaks my heart. By all accounts he was a good father. So it's really sad to see.
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