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Brinx at 1:57PM, Dec. 19, 2006
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Brinx looks out back as he sees Nightmare. Brinx ears lowers and is sadden.

“*To himself silently* Good bye Nightmare… My interdemensional friend.”

Brinx is saden and someones elbow was jabbing his side.

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luclucluc at 4:18PM, Dec. 19, 2006
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stewie eventually found himself in a strange white void.
“oh crap! he sent me to the wrong dimension!”
stewie looked around and saw everyone but nightmare and the avatar floating around him.
Stewie realised he was lying down, and had his elbow jammed right into brinx's side.
“oh, sorry…”
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Nightmare Zero at 5:22AM, Dec. 20, 2006
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Back at the arena…

Me: “Avatar! What are you doing here! you were supposed to be with the others!”

*the avatar just stands ready*

Me: “You want to help me fight, don't you. Fine. Let's make this the best battle of our lives! Which means it's time for a new transformation! Element Dragon Spirit!” *the sky parts, and a giant silver dragon appears before us and combines with me* “Element Dragon Mode! Element Dragon Omega Blade!” *The handle of the blade becomes a silver dragon adn I also gain wings*

*The avatar is amazed at this new form*

Me: “Let's finish this!” *The avatar and I charge at Lumine, and at that moment, the arena explodes*
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