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This Dark Life - Looking for artist
Vakanai at 1:22AM, July 28, 2009
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There is a legend in a small town. The legend is of a monster. A monster that screams light and can't be killed.

It is no legend.

And it can plummet the town into chaos. Near the brink of Hell itself.

It is a god…

But life is not lived by gods or monsters. Life is lived by people.

So, what if your life becomes a dark life?

This is the tale of a group of people, young and old, who must live their lives against a creature of dark power. This is the tale of those who would rebury a god.

I'm looking for an artist for a monster story. Heavy on atmosphere, low on blood. Must be able to draw vehicles, particularly old trucks and vans. Must be able to draw animals. Must be able to draw backgrounds and scenery.


Johnny - An old widower who accidentally helps unleash the monstrosity.

Harrison - Tall, middle age, appears to have planned to use the creature as a sideshow attraction. But really something else is going on with him. Saw a sign twelve years ago.

Daniels - An old man with a broken arm.

Sarah - A college student who gets wrapped up in the mystery.

Nat - The youngest generation of the Joels family. One of his ancestors brought the creature here.


Set - At first, a weird lizard with tusks. Has somewhat of a little EMP roar. It gets worse.

Dream Set - A ‘humanoid’ version of Set that haunts dreams. Same lizard face, just on a slightly human body. Wears robes.

Setlings - A little less lizard-y and a little more warthog-y. ‘Drones’ of the main beast. He spits them up.


Railroad spike - It's a dark railroad spike. It won't reflect or shine back light.

Church bell - A big, old, church bell. Seems to drive monsters a little crazy.

Sawed off shotgun - Self explanatory.

Trunk - Set was trapped in the old iron trunk. If they can't kill him, maybe they can put him back.


Rusty - Sarah's truck. It's just what its name implies.

Rusty Two - The old van the team conjures up for getting them all around. Sarah decided it needed the name.


Ruton - A small town, lots of woods, churches, gas stations, fast food places, only two bars.

Ruton Community College - Pretty nice. Lot of buildings, a baseball diamond, dorms, and a duck pond. Beware the duck pond.

I have some of the story written, I just need to put it in a more traditional script form. If you want, I can PM you the typed ‘story’ version.
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