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Wanted: Anthro Races & Characters for Webcomics
SkylerVane at 6:19AM, March 21, 2008
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40+ slated webcomics series - all part of the “epicable” Centriiost Project - need race concepts and original characters for various roles of all conceivable sorts. Content ratings for said series range from T+ t-o A and all of these productions will eventually feature a special presentation format via Flash and full soundtracks. Themes of these series range almost equally between medieval and futuristic elements.

Your “submissions” can be in ANY medium you prefer and of any quality you are capable. There is no deadline, but prompt responses will obviously be considered first.

Through the visual means of your art, you are invited to name your races and indicate your thoughts as to their technological age and to specify what sort of role your characters play; space pirates, slavers, military officers, trades persons, ect. Emphasis is on medieval warriors and futuristic soldiers of space, atmospheric, ground and naval forces, as well as various types of criminal elements, but civilian characters of all types are equally welcome.

Credit will always be attached to you as the creating artist and all copyrights to your materials will remain yours until you might choose to sell them for entailment to the copyrights of the various series they are featured in.

If money lures you more than exposure, as long as you hold an interest in the copyrights of your races and characters, royalties will be paid for the use of your race(s)/character(s) by writers and artists who incorperate them into various production scripts and use them in other ways. Be forewarned however that the accepting of monies on your part allows the “buyer” permenant use of your races and characters on the basis of the terms reached, which means that you cannot take money and then change your mind about the uses of your races and characters afterwards; planning and production setbacks of that nature cannot be tolerated and are rightfully considered of a highly unprofessional nature.

Note: This “opportunity” has also been made available in the varied artist communities of and If you do not know them, nevermind…

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