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Brinx at 3:38PM, Sept. 12, 2007
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Thor beats hammer.
Forum games citizens.
Read these two comic. You might just like them. Please.
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ShinGen at 2:06AM, Sept. 13, 2007
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Hulk beats Thor. Supposedly.

Welcome to the academy of the 1337. Try not to get fragged.
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tokyopimp5764 at 7:48AM, Sept. 24, 2007
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Take that American swine!
the fuck this bash on americans forum or somthing?
ruler of the all rpg's and destroyer of haggar and rusty knight and oh “Remember, kiddies! Cussing makes you cool!”
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Krensada at 4:50AM, Nov. 5, 2007
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THis is for the second to last post, Disregarding the last post:

Brain over brawn.
Click on this banner…you know you want to!:

The bunny died upon entering my signature.
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PIT_FACE at 8:56PM, Nov. 11, 2007
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yeah, well take this brain, cancer!

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