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Whats up all?
Ollywood at 10:25PM, April 24, 2007
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Hey everybody. I am new to this site as well to drawing comic strips. I figured enough stuff happens in my life to document in the form of comics. I am kind of going through a tough phase in my life where the work I do for a living doesn't feel rewarding or satisfy my creative needs so I just began draiwing comics as a way to vent. I've been going through a lot of phases rather quickly lately, so we'll see how long I will keep this up. Anyways, I am happy to have stumbled upon this site and I enjoy a lot of the strips that I have seen. I would like to thank everybody for their hard work and making this community possible.
Hatred is the stillborn child o ignorance and boredom.
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reidavidson at 6:00AM, April 25, 2007
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Awww, you're so cute and grateful! :D

… You may never make it out alive.

Hiya, I'm Rei-in-a-much-better-mood-than-usual!

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Freux at 6:37AM, April 25, 2007
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Hi and welcome! The community here is greeeeat and DD ends up being a second home for most. XD
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WingNut at 9:05AM, April 25, 2007
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Oh your only home….*breaks down sobbing*

Hee Hee, I kid, I kid, Welcome mate, you're gonna love it here! :D

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