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Wierd Dreams
Brinx at 10:48AM, Dec. 25, 2006
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It started with me and some other person going to jail for doing something. (I have no idea what we did so don't ask.) We where awaiting for our cell number. The other guy got like cell 112. I got cell 105. I went in and apparently it was lunch time. I looked around a bit and saw that there were arcade games in the place. Then some guy came up to me and acted like he has a secret for me. And as I got close he grabed me and shoved me somewhere between a wall and some stand. He walked away. And I stared to get up and I found that there was gum in my hair. I took it and and got back out of that space and shouted out to him. “Hey! You failed to put gum in my hair.” He turned and looked a bit mad. And as he started walking towards me a few more people started walking over to where I was. Then they started to throw punches at me. But for some odd reason I was fighting back like some anime character. I taunted the guy, “Oh please. You needed a group of people to try and take me down? That's pathetic.”. Then we both started fighting. Soon the whole area changed into a boxing ring. We were in boxing shorts and everything. We started fighting and I was wailing on him. And soon he was dizzying like and then I realized that this ain't really a boxing ring so I went all all fighting dirty. I was kicking him and punching him and showing him that I mean business. And soon he was down for the count. Then everything turned back to normal. I then went to get some food. And some person came up to me and told me this, “Wow. Your good.” I said nothing. And then I woke up. And that was it.
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PinkDiapers at 4:34AM, Dec. 26, 2006
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What is it with zombies in dreams. The only monsters me or any of my friends seem to dream about are zombies.

Anyhoo here's my zombie dream.

I was walking down a street in Southern California (which is odd being I had this dream years before I ever moved here.) I stopped in front of one of the houses and walked down the path that led to their back yard. This was at night. Once I got to the back I looked through their sliding glass doors and saw a Hispanic family eating dinner on the floor. There was at least seven or eight people there but I only remember one person specifically. He was slim with a pompadour hair style and a waist long black coat. He got up several other teenage boys got up with him and left. I was instantly part of their group.

We headed up to the driveway and piled into a blue Dodge charger. The boy with the black coat was driving. He was speeding down the road and swerving dangerously. Eventually we came to a Kwik-E-Mart. Like from the Simpsons except not a cartoon. The car suddenly hit a hard right turn and flipped. We landed in the parking lot diagonal to the store. Everyone in the car was dead except me. I was seriously hurt though, and bleeding. I staggered up to the store and saw Michel J. Fox standing there looking very serious wearing a black trench coat and smoking a cigarette. He turned to me and said.

“In the back.”

After that I fell down and died. I woke up and I was back on the same street walking up to the same house. Everything was exactly the same as it was before. I knew we were going to die in that car but no one would listen to me. The car crashed in the exact same way as before but I made it out this time without a scratch. Michael J Foxx was nowhere to be found this time. I walked into the Kwik-E-Mart and as I stepped inside I noticed the clerk was dead and zombies were staggering around the aisles. They ended up blocking the exit and as they descended on me I grabbed a gold award from the shelves (I think it was a Grammy?) I began beating them off with that but I wasn't very effective. I thought to myself I need a gun, a shot gun. That's when I remembered “In the back” and I ran down the aisle and started digging through chips and hostess fruit pies until I finally came to the shot gun. I wasn't fast enough though and the zombie lunged at me before I could take a shot. All of sudden it's head blows up and I see Michael J. Foxx near the front door with a pistol. I woke up around then.
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Crazy Dutchman at 5:16AM, Dec. 30, 2006
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FINALLY I had a dream again, but of course (how could it be any different) it was a very dull one. And again school was involved. All the children were supposed to go into this weird cabin where the gym teacher would give marks. The weirdest thing was that in the middle of the cabin was an hole wich was bottemless so if you'd fall in there you'll be falling for ever. But nobody payed even the slightest attention to it like it wasn't even there. Before everyone got an mark he first asked the kids to guess what kind of mark they would get. All the kids told him they just knew they would get a nine (dutch rating system, 10 is the highest you can get. Nine is like an A-), and ofcourse, they all got a nine. I yelled “I just know for sure I'm gonna get an four!” but I dind't get anything. Suddenly the gym teacher walked away leaving all the kids behind. Then I saw an old friend I haven't spoken with in a while and we both went home together.

When I woke up I had this total unsatisfied feeling, like I should have done a lot more in the past years. Stupid dream.
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medablack at 6:57AM, Dec. 30, 2006
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I have about three dreams, but I'll post this one first.

So I was Harry Potter, and I was sitting in the Hogwarts library. Suddenly Voldemort comes out of nowhere and starts firing spells at me. One hit the bookshelf behind me and shattered the wood. I shot one back at him and he ran off. Ron and Hermione burst in, take one look at the broken woodshelf and start yelling at me that I had fought Voldemort without them. Eventually i just walked away and out into the corridor. I found a large wooden door and walked in.

As i stepped into the room, I became me again. Ron and Hermione, who had apparently followed me, turned into my mother and one of my friends, Karen. The room that had been behind the wooden door was my high schools Family Studies room only half of it had disappeared and been replaced with a war ground. The sky outside was an orangish brown and there was a large dirt mound where the floor became the ground. One the dirt mound where these gigantic beetle like bugs. They were a clear like transparent dark blue. Kind like what hair gel looks like, minus the bubbles, if you know what i mean.

Anyway, we all pick up these spears leaning against the wall and start fighting these bugs. Out of the corner of my eye i see this thing running back and forth across us. If you've ever seen the cartoon Animal Crackers, you know what i mean when i describe them as Gnus. Though, in the dream i thought they looked more like half horse half wolf But outside of the dream, i know they didn't look like wolves at all. I digress.

So I watch this Gnu run back and forth and find that it is running to another gnu at each end of the room which appears to be wounded. As it comes back down near my end, it notices that i have seen it, grabs a small spear, about the size of a pencil, of the teachers desk and jabs it into my leg. It's more irritating than painful, and i pull it out and stab it in the arm. {apparently it can run on two legs and has more a human type body than an animals.]

And then i woke up.
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Brinx at 1:22PM, Jan. 2, 2007
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Got one last night.

It starts with me in school. I was in gym class. Everyone was in there gym cloths but not in the gym or outside. We were somewhere but I can't remember. Anyways gym class was over and it was lunch time. Me and my friend were heading to to the cafeteria till I realized that I was still in my gym cloth. So I headed back into the locker room and started changing. And as I was changin I saw some strange figure. I couldn't tell who it was. The person was all blury. Literally the person was all blured out. I called out to the person and the person just shushed me. And then for some reason I went across the room passed the person. And then I called out to the person again and whiped the person the figure. Then the person started to walk towards me and then I kicked towards the person but missed. And yet the person fell down. I looked at them and then… I woke up. That's it.
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w_p_s at 11:05AM, Jan. 3, 2007
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I once dreamed about an angry gardener who slowly cutted the entrails of his boss' baby out, after getting fired.
He wanted to make snares out of them for a violin.
After that the baby changed into a gigantic screaming maggot.
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Glarg at 1:54PM, Jan. 4, 2007
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I once drept that i was in the car with my racist ass grandma.
Some guy comes over to the window and says “Alright this is a car jack.”, oddly enough the guy who said this was black, now i dont have anything against black people and for somereason i knew i was dreaming there. “This is one fucking racist dream” I said. The black guy was chubby, bald, had like one of those small visable beards, and a yellow shirt,the next words that came out of his mouth were “YALL BEEN PUNK'D!”. I get out of the car laughing, my grandma just drives off, and a ufo crashed into the car blowing it up. o_O i woke up at this time.

God damn whats going on inside my head?
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Aurora Moon at 8:41PM, Jan. 4, 2007
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I had a werid-ass dream today.
I dreamt that I was an mage, again.. but I was going around like I was inside an game. snice I was on some sort of misson where I had to gather data and stuff. and whenever I got close to objects that I had to exmaine as a part of my mission, it'd flash blue or glow blue. I was also sneaking around inside this building where I wasn't supposed to be, so if people saw me they'd automically try to attack me so I would try pulling off combo moves on them. and whenever I felt myself using my ps2 controller the buttons would show up in my line of vision.. like the Trangle, square, X,O, etc in order of how many times I pressed the buttons. but I was never able to pull off awesome attacks, all I could do was swing at them with my staff.
and a part of me said “Man this game sucks.”

so I ran to some save point, which was disgused as an sofa with an plant on it. I “clicked” on it mentally and then it told me “Saving game… please wait”.

and after that I went and did random shit, like exploring those broken down old houses and I flew in the air too. gathered some giant apples that I could barely carry in my arms due to them being quite litterally giant. I then also dediced to play this prank on some random guy, where I morphed into an white horse and told him that I was a magical talking horse. He got all exictied and wanted to use me to get famous. but when the press arrived, I morphed back into my normal mage self. and boy, was the guy pissed off. and I just laughed at him.

that was when I woke up.
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